25 May 2018

Friday Follies...
Another weekend has finally arrived...not that we're really ready for it.
And, if you prefer days with high heat and air quality advisories, then folks, you found the right place in (or around) Fort Wayne.
Just try not to pay attention to the overnight gunfire you might hear (more on that in a bit).
Our Hoosierland weather for today brings us sunny skies once again, with temps climbing all the way up to around 87 degrees!
(okay, that's TOO damn hot for me)
The rest of the weekend will mirror today, so be warned (saggy satin shorts and naked chests on the black males around here...not something to ever write home about). Another reason why I prefer colder seasons.
Got mine...right here.
Now, what say we get ourselves a heaping liquid helping of Friday Fortitude poured, as we see what is going on elsewhere, sound good?
*** First out of the shooting range is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
MAY 25 -
---It's National Brown Bag Day
(this would fit right in with YESTERDAY'S post about free lunches)
---It's National Don't Fry Day
(obviously a global-warmist is behind this one)
---It's National Heat Awareness Day
(believe me, I am DEFINITELY aware of it)
---It's National Missing Children's Day
(evil has come far from the "don't talk to strangers" days)
---It's National Tap Dance Day
(yes, people still do that sort of thing)
---It's National Wine Day
(and Momma Fargo is happy as all get out)
---It's Towel Day
(and God saw that THIS was good)
*** Next, since the end of the week has arrived, let's look at what else we can observe over the following 48 hours...
MAY 26 -
---Saturday is National Blueberry Cheesecake Day
(gimme a fork and turn me loose!)
MAY 27 -
---Sunday is National Cellophane Tape Day
(one of the better inventions of the ages)
---It's National Grape Popsicle Day
(turning mouths purple for decades!)
And there we go...not as much as usual, but still plenty  of things to take part in.
Just be sure to always observe responsibly...
*** Next up, it would appear that we have ANOTHER weekend in Fort Wayne starting off with a BANG...!
(makes that between 20 and 30 "bangs", actually) Here's the story:
This took place in the 4800 block of Gaywood Drive (as usual, down on the city';s SOUTHEAST SIDE).
((Police were called at 2:23 a.m. for several reports of gunshots in the 4800 block of Gaywood Drive There were 3 victims, one was in critical condition and two were in serious condition. Police have been unable to obtain suspect information. 
An Uzi gun was also located next to the victim found on Gaywood. 
Several homes were also struck by bullets. One home near Gaywood and Pettit had a bullet hole in the front window. It's unclear how many homes were damaged by bullets.)) 
Yeah, the weather gets nice, and the "locals" start their monkey shines...SO predictable, and SO preventable.
((Update: one of the victims HAS died...that's homicide number 18 for the year, I thought it might be 19, but...))
Dominik Alaijuon (Phonics R Us) Files, 28, is the latest victim.
He's been in the court system for the last TEN years - suspended license,  several counts carrying handgun w/o a license. Typical.
The justice system isn't doing much to halt such behavior, so it falls to "the streets" to clean things up. Well, that's ONE LESS annoyance in the area.
What you need are POLICE cars patrolling the neighborhoods a LOT more than the department is doing NOW. The whole southern part of the SE quadrant could use an influx of MORE police, and by the looks of things already this year...CONSTANTLY.
An "Uzi-type" weapon...I heard an "AR": type, and an "assault-style rifle".
Whatever the case, these black (who else would pull this shit?) mooks have some serious firepower, and yet, always seem to manage to disturb everyone else when they get "uppity" and decide to shoot up a city block.
WHERE THE HELL is all this QUALITY-OF-LIFE bullshit in OUR part of town, Mr Mayor???
*** Next up, more proof that the aborigines down here have absolutely NO sense of boundaries (or driving skills)
This took place at the Chapel Oaks Apts located at 800 Buchanan around 0030 hrs this morning.
((According to police, the woman was driving on Buchanan Street when she made a left turn into a grassy area between two buildings. The SUV continued for approximately 100 feet, barely missing a tree and a pole, before going up an incline. Police said it appeared the vehicle then went airborne and crashed into the building - causing significant damage to apartment 877.
Five people were inside the apartment at the time of the crash. Police said they were all upstairs and jumped out of a window onto the roof of the SUV to escape. Police said the residents initially feared the vehicle was on fire and the SUV's engine kept revving))
That type of vehicle is typical of the ones I see a lot of blacks driving around. For some reason, they like the older Buick Rendezvous crossovers...must all be discounted for quick sales?
Wonder if the driver had a lifetime suspension from driving as SO many down here have...and yet are always arrested while..."driving".
---Also, a "happy ending" and two MORE (black) gang members off our streets for the time being:
Good riddance to bad rubbish.
((Kahmarri Spencer, 20, and Trevon Sullivan, 21, were sentenced Friday morning in Allen Superior Court for the Sept. 20, 2016, shooting death of Robert J. Moore on the front porch of a house at 4131 Avondale Drive.))
Yep, two less assholes to have to deal with down here...only several HUNDRED more to go.
(and the wheels on the bus go round and round, don't they?)
*** Next, time to stop by our "Kitten Corner"...
The kids were getting into a much better routine yesterday. They spent some of the morning at the back door (the screen was letting in nice cool morning air), or going to various windows to watch the neighborhood (and you DO have to watch it...a lot).
Violet spent some time on the sofa with me during the early afternoon, and Gallifrey climbed into the chair with me while watching television later in the evening. At least I know where they are all the time...
*** Next up, let's check in with "Midnight and Company"....
Nice and shady up here...
Now when it comes to our furry twosome, making sure they stay nearby the house can be a chore. With birds getting numerous and more active, the attention of the cats focuses on flying critters, rather than patio napping.
I get my shade where I can...
That's not to say they were gone...just late for a meal, and naturally napping when things quiet down (in our area, that's almost NEVER, but we have some fleeting moments).
At least they are there in the morning...that makes me feel better that they made it through another night.
*** Last back to the ammo store...we have this conglomerate of human flotsam infesting the whole south side of Fort Wayne, and it's been incrementally fostered and increased by those downtown...over the last few decades.
Nothing changes, except for the worse.
Since then, the city has been enjoying the "benefits" of it's misguided management.
Crime continues to climb down here...don't let ANYONE tell you different.
The frequency of shootings has risen markedly. Granted fewer people have died (so far), but that only means that the dipshits doing all the shooting have trouble hitting the broad side of a barn (and also have difficulty pouring piss from a boot with instructions written on the damn heel). If these mooks were more proficient, the homicide rate would be MUCH higher, so in that,  we're fortunate (I guess).
The DOWN side is that these same assholes are hitting OTHER stuff...like vehicles and houses (where regular people tend to sleep overnight). The whole COLLATERAL DAMAGE aspect to gunplay doesn't even enter into their primate skulls for an instant.
There needs to be a VERY serious "rethink" when it comes to how law-enforcement is handling the south side, because the crime we have had down here for decades IS spreading both north and east (said that for years here).
And with the advent of "fireworks season", you know some will dismiss gunfire as such, when in fact, they should be very concerned.
There ARE solutions to our specific problems on the south side, but it requires those with the proper authority to actively pursue a better (and perhaps different) methodology to fix this broken window aspect to the entire quadrant.
To do less is to invite more, as in more crime, more death, and more of the same evil crap that's been allowed to happen for at least the last 20 years. All it takes is courage, and the will to change things for the better...and more importantly, for everyone.
Do have yourselves a good Memorial Day weekend.
We'll catch 'ya back here ON Memorial Day
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Like the "Friday face" one!

Well, my Catholic FB buddy is off 30-day snooze and the fun has already begun. Last comment to me involved "where sola scriptura is in the Bible." Lord, gimme patience...

Ha, I got a 6 of GM at Cap n Cork, bring it on!

Heat Awareness day? Seriously? LOLOLOL...

Missing kids- prominent on each day's prayer list...

Wine? I scoff- hmph! And again, hmph hpmh!

That's a LOT of blueberries...

Bet Dominick was middle named after Hakim Olajuwan the b-ball star. Figures they'd f up the spelling. God knows I did, lol!

Chapel Oaks story- maybe some people DO need those self-driving cars. Better program them with auto-take to nearest PD feature, though...

Closing- all I can think is that when King Tom et al get to the judgment, whether good or bad for them, they'll get a filmstrip on the deaths due to crime on the south side, with the Judge saying, "This is what YOU chose..."

Bob G. said...

---Made that one just this morning (last thing to go into the post).
---LMAO...on the "sola scriptura" deal.
(where it is in the Bible...I'm trying to NOT piss myself laughing here...)
Obviously. common sense and logic seem to be missing from your (Catholic) FB friend.
(prayer-list candidate for the week)
---Good Lord...a SIX of GM???
(Is Chris taking on an ARMY of idiots? No, just a DIVISION!)
---I felt the same way...OVERHEATED!
---There's a few "fruits of the vine" out there that get MY vote - Lambrusco, blush Chablis, zinfandel...the rest are only good for cooking (and a few for removing old paint...LOL).
---I KNOW...makes you want a slice (or several), right?
---If you EVER want to spell like a ghetto-flea, just remember...it's ALL PHONICS, buster!
Or you can use a fragrance, car, or Greek hero name...they ALL work down here. Shame the people DON'T...heh.
---HA! That's a great idea.
An "override" feature that also handcuffs drivers would be a nice addition - pre cuffed and stuffed.
---You know, that's a wonderful view of the afterlife for those who DID make all the w4rong calls for all the wrong reasons.
NO slipping off the hook for those "fish".
(hope we get a good seat)

Thank you for taking some time from your day to drop by and comment. Always good to have you provide some smiles.

Have yourselves a great Memorial Day weekend.
Stay safe (and keep cool) up there, brother.