09 November 2018

Friday Follies...
Well now, if THIS isn't nice...we have SNOW out there (which won't last long).
Nothing like rain and snow to mess with leaf pickup...(and trash collecting...more on that below).
Guess we have that global warming to thank for this...or do we?
Our Hoosierland weather for today brings us snow showers through mid morning, which means cloudy skies (no sunrise, kids).
Temps will top out only near the 40 degree range and yes, you might want to amend your driving habits accordingly, especially when it comes to overpasses, as they will get slick first. Also, with the leaves that have fallen, that could also prove to be problematic.
Now, let's prepare ourselves for the day with a nice cup, glass, or mug of Friday Fortitude (or maybe something a little "stronger"), as we see what else has been (and will be) going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the toaster is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---It's National Louisiana Day
(doesn't do much for us in Indiana, does it?)
---It's National Scrapple Day
(Amish in nearby Allen County, and not ONE DAMN PIECE OF SCRAPPLE TO BE FOUND...ARRGGH!!!)
---It's Microtia Awareness Day
(it's worth a Google)
*** Next, and since week's end has indeed arrived, let's see what we can observe over the following 48 hours...
---Saturday is National Forget Me Not Day
(got more to do with those serving in the military than flowers)
---It's National Vanilla Cupcake Day
(well, there's breakfast for me)
---It's the Marine Corps Birthday
(and they're STILL kicking ass...Semper Fi!)
---Sunday is National Sundae Day
(picked the RIGHT day for this one)
---It's Veteran's Day
(formerly known as Armistice Day)
And there we go then...plenty of things to take note of.
Just remember to always observe responsibly.
*** Next up, we start the weekend in Fort Wayne in typical style...WITH A BANG (or two).
Here's the story:
A man is in critical condition after being shot early this morning. It took place just before 0400 hrs behind a tailor shop near E. State Blvd and California Av.
Police aren't sure if the shooting took place in an alley or somewhere nearby.
We can still make 40 homicides by year's end if this keeps up.
*** Next, it seems our  "king" (read mayor) is pleased. Here's this story:
No sire, SHOW me the money!
All well and good, BUT...what about his subjects? Wonder no longer with this story:
Same day - same no show.
I can definitely see US garnering some of that monetary stuff, because WE were missed yet AGAIN. They DID come by around 0800 hrs this morning, and I really do';t know why they're allergic to Thursdays down here.
I had a feeling this problem would not go away even with the route changes.
*** Next up,...get ready, because we have another "master plan" in the works. Here's that story:
Does Franke Park REALLY need such "upgrades"?
Where's the master plan for the SE???
What about lowering CRIME on the SE side...or bringing businesses back, or at least, holding the government-sponsored mooks accountable for the way they behave?
Guess that's gonna be dumped on the NEXT mayor?
*** Next, time for the latest inductees into the TOY Hall of Fame...the envelope, please:
Nice to know that pinball finally made it, and yes, I used to have both UNO and the "magic 8 ball"
*** Next up, this just can't be good..unless we WANT a nation of potheads.
This strain of MJ is called PANDORA'S BOX!
Bellwether...good word, but I would stop short of calling it anything close to TAKING THE INITIATIVE.
I liken this to prying open (another) Pandora's Box...and haven't we done this ENOUGH times with such sundry things in recent history?
Shut that damn lids, sweetheart.
We have plenty of drunks on the roads as it is, and our share of impaired drivers due to various "pharmaceuticals", so do we REALLY want to add to this mix?
*** Next, time to stop by out "Kitten Corner"...
She's just so photogenic.
The kids had a more typical day with the usual cuteness and some toy action, along with the usual eating and napping.
And yes, Violet likes to sleep with me. Gallifrey likes to sleep alone (usually in my chair), but will wander by to get a head rub.
And he's so cute (when he's napping).
We would be hard pressed to find better behaved cats, even with their chasing and wrestling with one another.
*** Next up, let's do our last check in for the week with "Midnight and Whiskers"...
Our furry twosome were here yesterday for every meal and hand held treats, but Midnight took off before the back step treats, so Whiskers got a bit more.
They both have their own spots in leaves I placed alongside the house...like a "nest" of sorts.
I know with the rain and snow, they'll get damp, but hopefully, they won'/t get soaked. That's why the shelters are there...for both of them.
You hear that, Midnight...go in and use one of them. Whiskers can't sleep in both at the same time.
*** Last back to the cereal bowl...you know the more this city does to make certain parts look better, the more we get ignored down on the SE side.
Many forget that the majority of blue collar workers once hailed from our area, and yes, thanks to International Harvester going belly up, that had a profound impact on this part of town.
But, did that mean it had to go become the premier ghetto of Fort Wayne, and did we really NEED it to become this?
Well, those in power at the time MUST have seen the makings of a decline...but did nothing. They just allowed it to occur, all the while turning their attention to OTHER parts of the city.
And this is all WE get in he SE.
They didn't stop to think that with the displacement of the working class with government-sponsored welfare leeches, the city's revenue would suffer. The loss of businesses by the tens of dozens hastened this process.
Obviously, NO success with that yet.
While nationwide crime has actually been going down, our local crime has been rising...for years.
Property values on the SE side have tanked, houses condemned, and unsafe streets abound - we used to see people walking after dark...hardly any these days, and they're probably not walking as much as they are "skulking" about.
It certainty IS.
Yeah, the city allowed this to happen and tries to divert our attention with some "feel good" stuff like beautification at parks, new art "sculptures", and so on, while our part of town languishes in the throes of apathy and incivility.
It will only get worse, too, so the city will try to expand further from the problem.
Still waiting to see some of THIS.
I want to believe that things will get better down here, but until I start seeing some evidence to back this up, I'll just remain steadfast that our home is doing what is right, for better of for worse.
And HOPE will continue to play a large part in all of that...rest assured.
Do have a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Scrapple: I'll have to look around next Grabill days...

Marines: Been reading The Training Groud about the Civil War generals in the Mexican War- just got to the Halls of Montezuma today...

Sundae: Right day, wrong time of year...

2nd shift cutter asked if we got Vets day off. I said, "You think you work at the Post Office?"

Umm... shooting is California Ave. California Rd is our backyard. Big difference, amigo!

Franke Pk: Gee, that story spared no details, lol...

BTW, what next Mayor? Isn't king Tom now a lifer?

Uno is fun...

Pandora's box: Because we ALL wanna be like Michigan...

Sorry so short, I'll be back tomorrow I hope, doing the panel pick and my multitask lobe is jammed..

CWMartin said...

Okay I'm back... new record 32 contestants later...

Theory: Unable to muster a clue of how to help the area when the Harvester disaster hit, the city leaders curled up into a safe downtown hole from which, by the time they peaked out, Suthtown and Southgate were gone and the Vice Lords were here. And right back in the hole they went until it became vogue to build palaces down the way from charnel houses. Pyramids like Costaplenty, boondoggles like Headwaters, and trying hard not to notice that when the sun goes down their downtown hole isn't any safer than anywhere else. The sun rises and voices are heard, saying, "We've got to do something..." And Lawyers and Insurance execs jump up and say, "Oh settle down, you made it through the night, didn't you?" And they continue to answer all queries thusly until the sun begins to set and they return to THEIR safe outer-suburban homes.

Bob G. said...

---I think the lack of scrapple is what makes me so ornery some days...lol.
---The Mexican war was where a lot of (future) generals served.
---Well, if it's COLD out, you can always opt for HOT FUDGE, right?
---Work for the Post Office...they WISH!
---Took care of that AV/RD goof-up. Was thinking about the avenue and typed the road. Didn't think it was near you guys.
--- Sure didn't, because it's due for another "rubber stamp" when funding rolls around (you watch).
---Lifer? Oh God, I sure hope not (even though it smells that way).
---Haven't played UNO is quite some time.
---We're sure TRYING to make that happen, too. Follow the "leader" (off the nearest cliff).

(to be continued)...

Bob G. said...

---okay, lemme see here...

That is perhaps one of, if not THE best explanation concerning HOW the city (and whatever passes for it's "leadership") permitted an entire QUADRANT of Fort Wayne to enter Dante's 10th layer of Hell.
The problem with their own "logic" (or the lack thereof) is that the disease is spreading and the city can't (or won't) try to halt it's advance into neighboring quadrants.

In fact, the types of crimes we used to exclusively have in the SE can now be found damn near everywhere.
(the SW is becoming like the SE used to be a couple decades ago)
Not a good sign, is it.
Got to hang onto HOPE for all it'w worth anymore. Don't have much else.

Hey, thanks for spending some time here today and commenting.
Always look forward to your take on things.

Have yourselves a good weekend and stay safe up there, brother.