25 August 2006

Can nuts get ANY more numb???

Laser pointers...fun cat toys, right? Hell, even DOGS like 'em...and they're easily purchased, cheap enough, and provide some fun for you and the pets on those banal evenings (and we all have them once in a while)...
BUT...there are those certain people out there that just HATE them...namely the boomcar drivers that crack my plaster walls, scare my cats, drown out the BATTLE OF THE DEATH STAR on my TV, and piss me off to NO end.

MOST of these audio-vermin aren't really even bothered by having a laser shine into their ghetto-sleds. Some of them DO turn it down though (or even off completely).

But there is ALWAYS that ONE "special" driver...the one that thinks the world revolves around HIS ethnic a$$..the one with his hand firmly ensconced upon his "nether-regions" as he shuffles down the middle of a city street. The perpetual bad-ass buck with NO job, NO future, NO self respect, but PUH-LENTY of what I like to call "Badditude"...

Now, according to Indiana law..the ONLY caveat pertaining to laser pointers is the ordinance (IC 35-47-4.5-4), that states that a citizen cannot shine a laser at:

(1) a state police officer;
(2) a county sheriff;
(3) a county police officer;
(4) a correctional officer;
(5) an excise police officer;
(6) a county police reserve officer;
(7) a city police officer;
(8) a city police reserve officer;
(9) a conservation enforcement officer;
(10) a town marshal;
(11) a deputy town marshal;
(12) a state university police officer appointed under IC 20-12-3.5;
(13) a probation officer;
(14) a firefighter (as defined in IC 9-18-34-1);
(15) an emergency medical technician; or
(16) a paramedic

With that being said, everyone else is "fair game", and since these are LOW power lasers (650Nw), it should be a given that it's not going to harm anyone (unless the village idiot does a "stare-down" with one).

Still, all this goes to show that "some" people think although it is PERFECTLY FINE to inflict their "music" (?) to anyone withing THREE city blocks...it's NOT OK to shine a quiet low intensity laser into their boomcar....yeah, right!

These audio-morons "think" it's Hollywood.....and I have a GUN pointed at them. Ok, fine...if that's what they "think"....at least it shows they ARE capable of thought, no matter HOW basic and primitive it may be. And it shows they watch TV..then again, my cats watch the TV when birds are on ANIMAL PLANET...so much for THAT train of logic, eh?

Long story short....."Mr Badditude" is seeking a RESTRAINING ORDER against me (and my laser)....
Well, Mr. "B"..I got some news for YOU....

When you threatened me by saying you were going to kick my ass, and when you threatened to come in my house and "f$ck" my old lady (gee..sounds like a RAPE there)...YOU committed:
a class A misdeameanor...
a class C felony, AND...
a class D felony.
Now...who's going to see who in court...Hmm????

Maybe you should just take your boomcar, and drive back UNDER the rock you came from, kapesh?

Justice might be BLIND...but I'll wager her HEARING is better than EVER!!

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