25 August 2006

Now...On to the "good stuff"....

Living in Philly as opposed to living in Fort Wayne, Indiana:

What's good?
What's bad?
What's the same?
What's different?

Wow...now THERE is one LOADED bunch o' questions!

Let me preface any and all responses by stating that for the first 45 years of my life, I lived in Philly. SO, with the last nine years having been spent as a "Fort-Wayneian", I think I might have some kind of handle on the GOOD...the BAD...and the UGLY on both sides of the geographical fence.

Therein lies the PA-IN "connection", or as I lke to call it...The ERUDITION*.
(*yeah, that IS a real word....get a REAL GOOD dictionary and see...LOL)

I'd like to say that the past 9 years in Fort Wayne have been great....that's what I'd LIKE to say...

Just the opposite is true, provisionally speaking (I have had some good moments, but all to few).

In Indiana...I own FIREARMS because I NEED to.
In Philly...I shot a LOT of firearms, but never owned one...didn't NEED it.

In Indiana...I make sure EVERYTHING is locked at night...several times.
In Philly....I left the door unlocked a few trimes...no biggie, no breakins.

In Indiana...I've been illegally "relieved" of possessions TWICE.
In Philly...I GAVE possessions away to those less fortunate...or to friends.

In Indiana...I call the police several times a MONTH.
In Philly...I called the police less than TEN times in OVER 25 YEARS.

In Indiana...I live in a single house (stand alone)...ten houses per block.
In Philly...I lived in a ROWHOUSE...40+ FAMILIES per block.

In Indiana...I have TEN TIMES more crime than in Philly.
In Philly...I had TEN TIMES less crime than Fort Wayne.

In Indiana...I have those who hate me because of my skin color.
In Philly...I had MANY friends of EVERY color.

So you can see that there are some VAST differences between two cities of wide population numbers (Philly - 2+ million / Fort Wayne - 250K). It must be the weather that's to blame.....it seems to get "dark" around here much sooner...ROFL!

Oops.....my bad...that might be construed as a "racial" statement....yeah, big f$cking deal. The truth be told (which it will on THIS blog anyway)....race DOES matter.

And we'll explore that topic soon enough, among other things of interest.

Catch 'ya on the flip side!

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