20 September 2006

Don't fret, Rev...

We have some LOVELY "parting gifts" as Wal-Mart's way of saying THANKS for trying to stage a BOYCOTT at a store your part of town NEEDS.

Such as:

Wal-Mart donated more than $265 million nationally to charitable organizations last year. In conjunction with the Southtown Centre store opening, $29,500 in grants were awarded:

♦Fort Wayne school safety education: $7,500
♦Community Harvest Food Bank: $5,000
♦McMillen Center for Health Education: $2,500
♦Fort Wayne Police AED Program: $1,500
♦United Hispanic Americans Inc.: $1,000
♦African American History Museum: $1,000
♦League for the Blind & Disabled: $1,000
♦Deaflink: $1,000
♦AWS Social Club: $1,000
♦Foster Grandparent Program: $1,000
♦Allen County Council on Aging: $1,000
♦Fort Wayne Community Center: $1,000
♦St. Joseph Township Fire Department: $1,000
♦Matthew 25: $1,000
♦Lutheran Social Services: $1,000
♦Neighborhood Health Clinics: $1,000
♦Catholic Charities: $1,000
So there you are Rev...proof POSITIVE as to how "discriminatory" Wal-Mart is.
See you at the NEXT "new" store that attempts to open down here, OK?

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