21 September 2006

Here's Something You NEVER Think About....

Until you find yourself WITHOUT one. We're talking PENS...those little writing implemets that make SIGNING things a WHOLE lot easier. Whether they're ballpoint, ink-gel, or even the old reliable fountain pen...we STILL need them daily.

And how often do we ever take a few minutes and check to see *if* they'll work when we NEED them to, hmm?

Case in point...you're at the store, want to pay by check, and lo and behold, that BIC in your pocket or purse chose THAT moment to "give up the ghost".....dammit! SO you have to "borrow" the pen at the counter, and feel kind of foolish in the process. You were meaning to toss that pen away too...it failed twice before, BUT...you didn't quite get around to it, didja?

Pens are always going to be one of life's vicissitudes, no matter what we do to try and change that. The best we can hope for is to have a frigging one that WORKS when we need it to, and not act like some ghetto-fly that sits around all day, collecting dust (and welfare) and NEVER works...(doncha just LOVE analogies?)...!

SO...take a few minutes at home, go through EVERY single pen you can find...keep the ones that DO work, toss the ones that do NOT, and if you have to, go out and BUY some that will work. But for Heaven's sake, DON'T hold up the lines at the store searching for a pen that is "dubious" in it's willingness to function as it was designed, OK?

After all, it's things like THIS that make me VERY glad the founders of our nation didn't use PENCIL or CHARCOAL when they wrote the Constitution.... can you IMAGINE the problems THAT could have caused?
"Allright..WHO smudged the damn 2nd amendment AGAIN"?

And we won't even go into the Romans and their wax rablets and stylii...especially on a HOT day...will we?
"Lucius, this bath house is great, but the senate won't like having your new laws dripping down my LEG".

SO do yourself and everyone around you a favor...be prepared!