27 September 2006

Finally...a HAPPY "Hump" Day...

Today we were visited by the COMCAST cable techs who were checking out some picture degradation....more like a drop in Db signal.

Seems some animal was gnawing on one of our cables, and the cable going TO the house was of an OLDER type (RG59...not even used these days), so the 2 techs (one was a "probie") set to running a new line TO the house with all new splitters and connectors. This was some serious work, and I even pruned some branches to make their job easier (been there, done that...tech work, that is).

THEN...they swapped out our old ANALOG cable box (for my older TV in the living room that plays as if were still new)...and this big, NEW "digital" cable box has a TON 'o $hit attached to it (even FREE movies...for no extra cost) that I didn't even realize we had (for the money we pay every month)...! And they showed me all the stuff on there...it's going to take me WEEKS to find it all...LOL!

NOW it seems like that $50 a month is a LOT more worth it...!

I gave the guys some soda to keep 'em from getting parched as they were up on ladders and all. Hell, I would have made them bloody DINNER..they were that good!

This has been one of THE MOST pleasurable service experiences I have EVER had, and I used to be a former audio/video/alarm/phone/computer technician myself for Circuit City (in another life), so I've seen BOTH SIDES of the fence, as it were.
Both technicians were more than capable (a real good sign), operated with dispatch, and presented themselves as extremely fine representatives for Comcast.

Oh...did I mention they were both BLACK?

(I just wanted to make that known in case someone thinks they were white, and I was showing "favoritism"....wrong)

GOD...I'd LOVE to have these fellows living around MY neighborhood....they are perfect examples of good decent, WORKING people...and would only serve to set the bar for so many others with no self-esteem!

It was my pleasure to shake BOTH of their hands when they left. I already sent an email to COMCAST praising their diligence on the job....because they DO deserve it!

And in this day and age...finding people of such fine character (as these gentlemen displayed) is a rarity..but welcomed by me, none the less. It's not about race, you see...it's about VALUES!

Nice to know there are still folks out there like that.
Very nice, indeed!


Jana said...

wow, $50/month huh? my parents would LOVE that, but it's pushing $100 for cable TV so they go ahead and get Direct TV for about $65. they get more channels and more options, so it's a better deal in the long run.

nice to see that you didn't get a pair of lazy, stupid-heads who go "uhh... we're gonna have to do this, that, and the other and we're gonna have to charge ya an arm, leg, and a kidney from both you and your wife."

B.G. (Semper Paratus) said...

Being a former "tech"...you know what to look for...and these guys delivered...even the "probie"...LOL!

Now..if I could figure out that dang new remote..!?!

Jana said...

no worries, you'll have the remote figured out...eventually...