26 September 2006

A "Postscript To The Last Post", If You Will...

Uh oh...spoke way too soon:


Back in 2005, they apparently opened a store for renting RIMS and TIRES in Evansville. Wonder how many "defaults" they processed over the year? And how MUCH of a discount can you get for rims that have been re-re-re-re-reposessed???

Granted it WOULD be a good place to grab some cheap rubber to replace those "Maypops" on the family "yacht" (read SUV)...LOL!

I guess it's only a matter of time before scads of places offer this, such as RENT N ROLL, TIRE WAREHOUSE or even COLOR-TYME here in the "Fort". I guess we don't have ENOUGH people THAT FAR in hock yet...

Who thinks this $hit up?
...but more importantly...
Where does this madness end?

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