08 September 2006

JUST When You Thought It Was Safe....

Once again, the American consumer is being electronically assaulted by the marketing juggernauts who are pandering to the hedonistic whims of the masses. The latest cliff for all the lemmings to jump off of is nothing short of "smart" clothing.
When we say SMART, we're talking about having your iPod and BVDs becoming ONE...well maybe not THAT blatant an analogy. But it's pretty close.

Seems some South Korean tech firm is working to produce clothing that can act as your own "walkman" (for all you boomers out there), or your "blackberry" (for all the Gen-Y'ers out there). Now call me crazy (again), but I don't want MY wranglers beeping, bopping, chiming, ringing, rapping, OR singing! This reminds me of that self-drying jacket worn in the "alternate future" by Marty McFly in BTTF -2, as well as the "self-adjusting" sneakers...LOL! That's ALL we need now...scads of teens, tweens, and twenty-somethings going all around saying: "Excuse me...my blouse is paging me", or "Be right back atcha..my jeans are playing my FAVORITE Usher tune".

Now be honest....what POSSIBLE use can this serve, other than to annoy, bother, bewilder, and cause more problems than we can already handle? DO we really even NEED this? Instead of BOOMCARS...will we have Baggy-Ass BOOMPANTS?

Where will this madness end?

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