18 September 2006

Latham To Cancel Boycott of Wal-Mart...

OK...so we had this feeling he wasn't going to be the ONLY one boycotting the new Southtowne Centre Wal-Mart...but we just wanted to "wait and see"...LOL!

The Rev has once again backed off, tail between his legs for attempting to right a "wrong" that NEVER existed in the first place! Man, this smacks SO much of the FWPD fiasco he tried to call them on....and FAILED...TWICE!

But since we all (really) know what the acronym NAACP stands for...(and it's SURE NOT "advancing ANY people of ANY color"), I guess we can count the Rev fortunate that he didn't make a bigger fool of himself than usual.

Still...the question remains...WHEN is HE going to realize the REAL problem in THIS part of Ft. Wayne? And WHEN will he start doing something (other than complain) about it?

Since I don't see any flying pigs, and the relative temperature of "hell" is remaining a BALMY 2000 celsius, it might be some time.

To quote the News Sentinel:
((After speaking two hours Friday with John Wolf, Wal-Mart’s market manager of northern Indiana, and touring the new store, Latham said he believed the company’s policies regarding the Southtown Centre store are business-driven and not negatively directed toward blacks.))


(Glad we got THAT straight, Rev...)

Since people of ANY other color, race or nationality can't seem to say ANYTHING to his people without being labeled a racist, I'm just going to take HIM to task then...and let HIM "lead", as he, being a man of God, SHOULD be doing in the first place. And he should start leading by EXAMPLE, and not by his MOUTH. We used to call it "The mouth is running, but the brain's not in gear" syndrome!

Because, whether he chooses to believe it or not...people WILL judge him by what he SAYS, and HOW he says it! Previous statements made by the good Rev , over the years, have already born that truth out.

Time to put AWAY that Jesse Jackson handbook titled: "Fifty Ways On How To Stir Up Shit", and get back to taking CARE of YOUR people in YOUR community.....leave good folks like US alone...we take care of ourselves JUST FINE, thank you very much. After all...WE are not doing the things that bring THIS part of town under the microscope of law-enforcement. We're all just harmless victims of your "idea" of equality.

And remember....

Wal-Mart...not the BEST place to shop...just one of the ONLY places to shop on the SOUTH side...and we all know WHY that is, right?

Hopefully, THAT is changing for the better...and let us all live long enough to enjoy it once again!

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Jana said...

glad he backed off. maybe this is a tiny step in the right direction for you guys.