26 September 2006

THIS Is Just TOO Damn Funny....

I happened across this when I heard my wife say someone told her about it, and I just HAD to see *if* this was one the level...


These are COLOR-TYME (rent to own) sites.... Granted these places are ALL in North Carolina...but you can bet your bottom dollar they are here in INDIANA as well...(just not advertised as much...because EVERYONE will want them...LMAO..yeah, right!

How GHETTO can YOU get?
Now forgive me for laughing so f$cking hard at this, but is renting RIMS for your 1979 P.O.S. metallic PINK "Hoopty-Sled" REALLY worth the effort?

I can see the repo man now.....
"Hey Frank...we'll just tow the whole damn CAR...take the TIRES, the RIMS, the STEREO, the SPEAKERS, and then bring it back and dump it off, OK by you?"

Who but a ghetto-flea would even entertain the IDEA of renting all this crap for a shitmobile in the first place? I suppose all those BURGLARIES will pay that $30 a week for the rims, the $9 a week for the tires, and so on, eh?
Because you KNOW that welfare doesn't pay for that (yet). And since none of these moolies WORK, it must be up to "Ms-Homey" to PAY for all this, unless "Mr-Homey" has a good drug trade thriving from his rental crib. Oh that's right...they RENT the HOUSE too....so stop wondering WHY your neighborhood property values have declined faster than a presidential popularity rating.

The ONLY reasoning behind wanting to rent THIS crap must be that ALPHA-MALE-TRIBAL thing.....(must be growing smaller penises than in the past).

Makes me wonder though....is the AIR in those tires also "rented", because AIR should be free.

If anything....these mooks should try renting a damn LIFE...at least THAT would have some dividends attached to it!

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