13 October 2006

And it's a FRIDAY Too...

SO how many are superstitious, eh?
Walking under any ladders lately? See any black cats crossing your paths? How about stepping on those cracks along the sidewalks?
It's one of those Friday the 13ths again...

Amazing how worrysome we become about things like these, among others, when we can spend a lot more productive time elsewhere.

I suppose it all depends on how each of us defines LUCK.

- Have we been "lucky" enough to find that "special someone"?
- Were we lucky enough to miss that accident on the street we USUALLY come home on?
- Are we lucky because we've simply made it through another day?

I'd be the first to say that I wouldn't wish my "luck" on most people. Cripes, I could have a TWELVE-LEAF clover and STILL not become "lucky". And since my "luck" seems anything but present (in a positive way that is), I figure why even bother to ackowledge it in the first place. It all depends on how we consider what our luck is based on. Can we "make" our own luck? Well, if you do the math right...maybe. I would say that LUCK = EXPERIENCE + OPPORTUNITY (as Larry Elder also says)...so *IF* you have the experience, and the opportunity presents itself...you just might become "lucky".

Of course there is ALWAYS the exception to tis rule..anmely LOTTERY WINNERS. It's all about REAL "luck"....as in I just played ONE ticket...and hit for $30 MILLION....now THAT my friends, is REAL LUCK...actually more like an aberration of circumstances...the "one in a million chance" we hear tell about.

Life is not about luck...that (with the equation above) we have to make for ourselves. So conversely, any "unluckiness" we encounter is based on missed opportunities, lack of experience (or experience in the "wrong" venue). And naturally, since we have the "chance encounter" that led to someone becoming an instant millionaire...we also have those "random acts of fate", as I like to call it...

They are those things that come at you in life from WAY out in left field...smack you across the head, and have you wondering what the hell you are doing here and for what reason! The things like a sudden death in the family (from out of the blue), or that motorist that chose YOUR car to "T-Bone" at the intersection, or even that tree limb that came crashing through YOUR roof, while othersstayed put. And I'm sure you can relate SO many other "things" such as this that have you feel as though you've been dealt the losing hand in life.

Don't you wish you could just "fold", and get up from the table?

It's not that simple...though it SHOULD be.

Each of us has the capacity to learn from whatever life throws at us...it's OUR choice as to whether or not we avail ourselves OF this resource.

SO even if it's "Friday the 13th"...we can still come out "luckier" than we could ever think...

Can we say the same about....TOMORROW?

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