14 October 2006

Yes... the "FUN" Continues....

To all those that think we DON'T have any "concerns" in OUR part of the southeast side of the city....read this:

Shots hit 5 homes - No residents injured on Monroe Street; 2 suspects questioned
By Angela Mapes
The Journal Gazette

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)) Bullshit!

Caption: An empty 9 mm shell casing is among many that litter Monroe Street after shots were fired in the area. At least five homes were hit in the gunfire Friday afternoon, according to police.

(( Residents of the Pettit-Rudisill neighborhood arriving home from school and work Friday afternoon were greeted by police cars and bullet holes.
At least five homes on the west side of the 4000 block of Monroe Street were hit by gunfire about 3 p.m., but no one was injured, Fort Wayne police said.
Police were called to the area after witnesses reported hearing at least a dozen shots in the area, Officer John Chambers said.
Two suspects were being questioned in relation to the shootings, but no arrests had been made as of Friday evening, Chambers said.
Nine-millimeter shell casings littered the street as area residents gathered on the sidewalks and children were dropped off from their school buses near the scene.
Carmen Ritter, who lives in one of the houses hit, found a bullet hole in the front wall of her home near a bedroom window.
She had just left the room before the shots were fired, she said.
She heard a rapid succession of loud noises but said she didn’t immediately go outside to investigate.
“I wasn’t about to come out,” she said.
It is usually a quiet neighborhood, Ritter said.
Julio Lozano was working in the back of a house for rent at 4034 Monroe St. when he heard the noises.
“I thought somebody was knocking at the door,” Lozano said.
A window on the top floor of the house had been shot out.
In an alley south of Baxter and Monroe streets, a dark green Chevrolet passenger car was being towed.
Chambers said the vehicle had been pulled over in connection to the shooting.
Close by, near Rudisill Boulevard and Hanna Avenue, two men were being detained by police as half a dozen police cars cordoned off the area. Chambers could not say whether the men were involved in the shooting.

Now How's about THAT, people?

But it's NOT like I've been TELLING the FWPD about things such as this in Sector 45 (waiting for the chance to happen)...especially when you see behavior exhibited that will most surely LEAD to a situation like this happening. I've ONLY been relaying information (that could prevent things like this) for oh...let's see...about SEVERAL YEARS now...on a MONTHLY basis.....we're still WAITING.

And as to Ms. Ritter saying it's a "quiet" neighborhood...well, HER idea of quiet must differ from what the REAL meaning of quiet is....unless having BOOMCARS all over is considered "quiet"...(not hardly).

With the ABSENCE of police in the area, it's no surprise that shit like this occurs....again, and again. With fewer people that still give a damn living around there as well, it basically says to the criminals: "Come on down HERE...nobody's around who will say anything if you want to shoot the whole place up or deal drugs". Sorry, that's NOT an option in MY book!

This could be a reason that more people might up and leave...OR...it COULD be the impetus to get the FWPD admins off their blue-shirted butts and get a little PROACTIVE with crime for a change...
That might just work...'ya think?


Jana said...

Me thinks it's time to let the cops know that you're fearing for your safety and that, since your taxes pay them to "do their job", you (as the "boss") expect them to shape up soon or that you're going to write your congressman**. I'm sure having a representative or senator on their asses will make them straighten up their acts.

**just a suggestion, though mind you.


B.G. (Semper Paratus) said...

I need to contact SOMEbody, that's for sure, and the FWPD aren't looking like my *first* choice these days...wonder WHY that is??

I've posted that in our area (alone), the police are missing a TON of cash (city revenue) due to all these a$$holes, but that doesn't matter to them apparently.

And *if* they policed the small shit, this kind of LARGER shit would most likely never occur.

Personally, I'd like to think of the "locals" around here as nothing more than target practice.

But it's not like I (and others that feel the same way) really know ANYTHING about this, right?
We don't just "work" here...we LIVE here.