19 October 2006

Another Disturbing Trend...

I've been seeing a LOT of this kind of crap around and about lately...

And I can't say that I'm "all for it". What I CAN say is that this is becoming typical of a sub-culture that this nation is nurturing...you know the one.....the sub-culture that raises it's children to disrespect anyone OTHER than themselves (if that)....the ones that have a blatant disregard for ANY type of authority...the ones living off of the taxpayers (when thy're not stealing from them in OTHER ways).

Now we're seeing the marketing juggenauts of America lining up to "promote" exactly this mindset. It's no longer OK to volunteer information to the proper authorities when perps are on your street pumping POISON into young peoples' bodies...OH NO!

It's disingenuous to reveal to the RIGHT people that the WRONG people are causing harm, mayhem, and crime in your area! It's downright wrong to believe that by you telling someone about ilegal activities, YOU have become the target of your neighborhood, workplace, or even schoolroom!

I'm sorry, but in today's society...this type of "failure" is NOT an option!

I can't say that I've ever admired "Tattle-tales" of ANY sort, but this is quite the different animal. Whereas a tattle-tale told on you (or someone else) just to evoke a reaction (usually by telling a falsehood) in you or others, these "snitches" frowned upon today are merely stating FACTS about illicit or illegal activities (such as child abuse, domestic problems, drugs, rape, and the like).

I think what is warranted here is NOT a cessation to the "stop-snitching" gig, because I don't think that giving it MORE attention in this manner will ever make it go away (look at RAP music)...

What I believe MIGHT work is a possible "counter-program", such as...

Now THIS on a t-shirt seems a lot better. If people feel they CAN come forward and give the proper authorities information they either require or need to know, it makes a much better argument FOR Community-Oriented Policing. Like I love to say...ANY program is only as good as the people who ARE INVOLVED in it. When you can't get anyone to "sign on"...then ANY program is destined to fail from the git-go!

Here in Fort Wayne (as opposed to Philly), I can see first-hand that the C.O.P. program isn't worth much more than the paper it's written on (in my area anyway), simply because these PEOPLE that I see don't give a rat's ass about much (other than chasing the good people away).

I think it's time that decent, honest people find some sort of motivation if they are EVER going to turn anything around, namely their neighborhoods. And I'm sure the police departments around the nation would concur. Then, and ONLY then, does it become a winning proposition.

Anything less is only spinning one's "wheels", and we already have plenty of that.

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