23 October 2006

Another Nail in Fort Wayne's Coffin?

Sunday's Journal Gazette had an eye-opening article by Frank Gray about a man who is doing anything and everything he can to get DRUG DEALERS off of his property here in the Summit City...
And this man is having quite a tough time of it.

Here' s the link: http://www.fortwayne.com/mld/journalgazette/15819811.htm

Now I would preface this by saying I see a LOT of the SAME things that are described in the article, albeit not nearly AS severe or as constant (yet). Still, we have the same problems where I live, and *MY* fight against this is netting the same results. That would close to NIL.

These thugs have gone so far (with the man in the article) as to FIREBOMB his house...! That's right, this is NOT Mosul...or Baghdad...or Fallujah. This is the HEARTLAND of America folks...Fort-freaking-Wayne, Indi-freaking-ana!!! And we see what amounts to nothing short of domestic terrorism being perpetrated upon OUR OWN PEOPLE by home-grown thugs with no fear of authority, no qualms about whether or not they take a life or two, and no compunction about intimidating anyone that disturbs THEIR "quality-of-life".

Having to live with (or even near) that is simply NOT an option!

Now excuse me for not getting all my memos, and maybe missing a "meeting" or two, but don't we have agencies in place NOW to prevent such occurances? So...where the hell ARE they? Why is Mr.Marx (the man in the article) NOT getting the protection OR the justice he asks for (and PAYS for with his taxes) as a citizen of this fair city? Cripes, it looks like that area isn't even getting the police PRESENCE needed to dissuade these thugs from conducting their "business" (many times ON his front porch). Having police cruise the area ALONE would send a message to these dealers. Then again, I'm seeing much the same around my neighborhood.

If I were the police chief, and Mr. Marx decided to take matters into his OWN hands, and waste a shitload of these drug dealers...hell, I'd give the man a damn medal...AND take care of his ammo "tab". Yeah, that seems a bit harsh (and a tad "Patton-esque"), but believe what you will...make NO mistake about it. This IS a war, and unless we are willing to do WHAT IS NEEDED to end it, it will just continue year after year. Negotiation with these criminals is not up for debate or consideration.

It would appear that our very own "Snitches Get Stitches" brigade is out in full force, bullying anyone and everyone into apathy, or fear enough to move away. And gee...isn't that WHY neighborhoods turn into GHETTOS in the first place? I've seen this play out several times in my neighborhood over the years...people fed up with the way things are becoming just moving the hell AWAY...and I can say it's getting pretty damn lonely around here now.

I've been threatened several times for merely shining a LASER POINTER into a loudass boomcar (which the police didn't like me doing either, although there is NO LAW prohibiting me from doing such things aganist another "citizen"). But I will say that ANY perp that is found ON my property WILL BE "found" on my property...(heh, heh, heh). The FWPD administration needs to step up and do MORE to protect the citizenry than just be a mere "reactionary-oriented" agency, especially when these decent people try to make a "go of it" in an otherwise distressed part of town. THEY (these citizens) are the ones trying to do SOMETHING to make the area BETTER (which is a $hitload more than the politicians apparently want to do), or at the least are trying to keep the area from becoming WORSE, so maybe THEY should be encouraged and helped by whatever means the police have at their disposal. Maybe even more patrols, or a special detachment to park IN those areas to catch these perps dealing (and buying) this crap. Just having patrol cars going by makes these problems "move along"..something I've been trying to get the FWPD to understand for YEARS. Yeah, it's the old "Broken Window" theory all over again. We've got more than broken windows...we've got a broken CITY. And as a result, any type of PROACTIVITY becomes harder to establish, let alone maintain.

But NOW would be a damn good time to START.

It's sad to see people constantly banging their heads against the political walls of this city in an apparently VAIN attempt to make their neighborhood better for all. But as I have found out... Whenever you bang you head against enough walls long enough...it really DOES feel damn good when you stop. And that itself becomes a vicious circle...seeking something, anything that DOES feel good when everything around you is going to the "dogs".

Catch-22 Anyone?


Jana said...

OH HELL NO! If someone did that to MY house, I'd be shooting EVERY and ANYONE who tries to sell drugs in/around my house, be they adults or children (stop them BEFORE they become adults and they'll slowly die out...hopefully).

These thugs would all be six-feet under if they tried that shit around the neighborhood where my parents live. They're all armed there (some with 3 or more guns like my father) and have no qualms about killing anyone.

As my grandfather and father have said, "I'll hide you where NO ONE will ever find you if you hurt my family" and "THe WORLD isn't big enough for you to hide in!"

B.G. (Semper Paratus) said...

I'm all for telling the FWPD to lend me the resources (warm bodies) that feel the same way I do....and a few thousand rounds of ammo...and NO questions...for ONE week!

I'll wager that crime DROPS off the radar...REAL fast.

This city needs a "Batman"...big time!