11 October 2006

Another Repeat Perp BACK behind bars...

This guy was just bad news from the git-go...

Mr BRIAN LADNER, 22, from the 3200 block of Oliver Street (gee...he USED to live at 4728 Monroe before he was tossed out by his "ho") has ONCE AGAIN been busted for possession.

Kinda has that face only a MOTHER (f$cker) could love, doesn't he?
(Nice photo, Brian...the cops just roust your ass outta bed??)

I have seen this badass dealing drugs actively outside the house on MORE than a few occassions, and his "cadre" is replete with the "usual suspects".....

SO...if ANYONE sees this guy back OUT on the streets of Fort Wayne, and he's on or around a neighborhood near YOU...run, don't walk to the phone, and let the FWPD know about this punk-ass thug. And watch him like a hawk, because THIS cat won't "change his stripes" any time soon.

Interesting sidebar to this....the house at 4728 Monroe was condemned by NCE for "utilitites violations"....and having known the people that USED to OWN the house before it was sold, there was NEVER a problem with ANYTHING in that house.

MAY-BE..it's a problem with the RENTERS????
((as in the drug-dealing, boomcar-driving, always high or drunk, never work a damn job a day in their life because hanging with 'ma homeys is way less whack & "ma biyatch is working anyway, so why should I?" kinda people))
....yeeeeaaaaaahhhhh, THOSE renters.

Actually, the renter that got the house TOOK HIM IN...(like a stray puppy???). I call them "straw-renters"...people who move into a place, THEN, after a few weeks (or even months) bring in MORE people. You eventually wind up with about 5-7 folks in a house designed for a family of THREE, and of course, all their "friends" of dubious character....like these fine folks below, for example.

Yessir, nothing like says "Neighborhood going to hell in a handbasket" QUICKER than seeing THIS on your street, does it?

The way the "system" is set up....these thugs will be back doing business as usual in NO time....trust me.

And even trying to get the police to ACT on information you provide (with no compensation other than being able to feel good and know YOU have done your civic duty) is harder than yanking teeth with rusty pliers (and no novocaine)!!!

But it's not like we KNOW what's going on...hell no. We just have to SEE it, HEAR it, and (apparently) DEAL with it (like so many others are prone to say in this city).

To me, there ARE other options....all the police have to do is not ask any questions....


Jana said...

interesting that you'd put up a pic of the creep. I wouldn't want something like that on MY journal...

hope the guy stays off the street for good. you never know; maybe the judge presiding over his case will make the right call.

B.G. (Semper Paratus) said...

I just wanted people to SEE the kind of "vermin" we have inhabiting our area....not that the racoon I had on the patio this morning was so bad....
He was kinda cute really, until he snarled / hissed /growled or...what-EVER at me when I tried to give him some dry cat food....go figure...lol
I just left him be...and he left.

Around here we have a saying..if it's got FOUR legs, it's probably a lot safer than anything with TWO!