09 October 2006

This is SO typical of Fort Wayne.....


Here's a picture of the city's "solution" to graffiti on a street:

Namely...PAINT THE F$CK OVER IT with an even LOUDER color....WTG, morons!

I had even sent an email (regarding this) to the quadrant captain (Nancy Becher) on the FIRST of this month, but it took the intervention of a NEWSPAPER to get something done....
((maybe Captain Becher should read her emails more frequently???))

Next time I need help....maybe I should put the local NEWSPAPER on speed-dial...the response is faster!

A sincere "hat-tip" to Marty Lauer...who is trying to keep her area from becoming what it "wants" to become...namely a GHETTO!

Been there, Marty...STILL doing that!


Jana said...

this is ABSURD!

I know! next time you need help, call the local NEWS CHANNEL people! I bet THAT'LL get their attention so fast that you'll have the reporters at your front door step before you even finish hanging up the phone!

I also know that if MY child came home asking about that, I'd sue the organizations for not doing their job and causing mental harm to my child. it's totally unacceptable!

B.G. (Semper Paratus) said...

Latest update:

Drove past the street yesterday...and it was covered with a nice matching color...either it was tarred over (and will reappear later in the future), or it was sandblasted/powerwashed away (a more permanent answer).

Amazing the FWPD saw it and did nothing about it, in spite of the fact that it was an epithet directed at THEM....