29 October 2006

...And The Party Continues....

Let it not be said that the DEA can't toss a mean SHINDIG, eh? This officer (not from around this area) is just typical of one of the "revelers" enjoying a nice day out in the country....arresting LOSERS and confiscating ILLEGAL DRUGS....what a BLAST!

A pot bust in nearby Noble County netted ANOTHER 500 lbs of the leafy substance. Anyone seeing an Indiana tag with a "57" prefix....yep, that's NOBLE county!

(( Noble County - WANE-
Three people were arrested earlier this week after they took delivery of 500 pounds of pot. The undercover investigation began in Texas and ended inside a Ligonier home on Tuesday.
An officer with the Noble County Sheriff's Department told NewsChannel 15 that the DEA learned of a planned delivery of marijuana to a home in Ligonier. An undercover officer with the DEA actually helped deliver the pot which was offloaded from a semi to another vehicle on Tuesday before it was delivered to a home locaed in the 1500 block of Longwood Lane in Ligonier. Once the pot was delivered, several local SWAT teams and police agencies went to the home where they arrested 24 year old Hector Manuel Lopez of Ligonier, Aldo F. Perez of Detroit and 27-year old Roman Alvaro Torres of Ligonier.
All three men have been charged with possession wi
th intent to distribute, conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and aiding and abetting.
Besides the pot, officers also found a shotgun, a scale with packaging materials, drug ledgers and $45,000 in cash.
The investigation hasn't ended with the bust and police say they expect more arrests.))

Personally, I find this marvelous. When law-enforcement agencies can come together and net OVER 1500 pound of marijuana in ONE week around the Fort Wayne area, it just puts a smile on MY face...!

The damn shame is that although all these really good POT busts are being made....we STILL have all this CRACK being sold on the streets daily. And we're not even factoring in the METH aspect to all of this (by the way...NOBLE county has one of the larger METH "industries" , both stationary AND mobile in all of northeastern Indiana - check the DOJ stats).

I guess the meth-heads are using the pot trade to PAY for the labs aka "cooking facilities"...'ya think? From a "business" standpoint, it makes sense, in an eerie, perverted sort of way.

The BEST part is...the DEA isn't DONE...they expect MORE arrests, and I couldn't be happier.

When I see these thugs around my neighborhood, toking a blunt OUTSIDE their rental during school hours (oh, no...THEY don't work...you, the taxpayer are helping fund their "activities", along with their "ho's" who might actually WORK a job to keep the freebies coming from the gov't.), I become SO incensed... yet the polce here never seem to "see" this. And to watch a part of their "livelihood" get dashed thanks to these busts just makes MY day. It's funny to see "how" they are going to get their pot NOW...!

Then again, I'm SURE there are those who "home-grow" (like this other loser down our street that was said to have grown in his house at one time), and their business will be booming. We also have those that choose to "help themselves" to OTHER peoples' fields to "grow on the fly", as it were. Must be nice to be a CORN farmer, and then get a visit from several law-enforcement agencies who noticed about 300 marijuana plants in your fields while overflying the county...!

One of today's BIGGEST problems is that some people just have NO SHAME. We can add that to their lack of morality, incivility, unaccountablity, disrespect, and overall reprehensible behavior....this is the future? Damn it looks bleak!

I've always contended that AMERICA really IS the land of the free...as long as that freedom doesn't extend into IRRESPONSIBILITY or STUPIDITY.

"I grow impatient at stupidity" - (Klaatu, from The Day the Earth Stood Still - 1951)

Interesting how HOLLYWOOD said back THEN what is SO applicable TODAY.

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