03 October 2006

Finally...There Is A Beacon (or Deacon) Of Light...

If anyone managed to catch the OP-ED page in Monday's Journal-Gazette, there was a column by a Reverend Bill McGill, senior pastor of Imani Baptist Temple in Ft. Wayne. In that article he RIGHTLY explains the use of the race card, and the IN-frequency that it should be "played".


He states that FACTS should dictate involvement, and not suppositions or perceptions. He says that too many are REACTIVE, when they should be PROACTIVE. He stresses a better prioritization of the black community, and it's not with X-Boxes, bling, or celebrating girls becoming mothers. He says it doesn't matter who he "cheeses off" (he states he is treading on dangerous ground) in this process, for he feels that this NEEDS to be said....(way to go, Rev...)!

If I didn't know better, I'd swear he was peeping my blog...lol!

But that's fine, because what I state here is FACT, and I know if bothers some that might read it. Wel, that';s just too damn bad. If you don't like hearing the truth, then maybe you should start acting in a manner that doesn't call attention to you in a negative way, eh?

Still, *if* the NAACP would like to get back to basics, a good place to start would be to oust Michael Latham, and embrace Bill McGill, who obviously does NOT subscribe to the "Victicrat of the month club", as do others in his community.

I applaud Rev. McGill's rhetoric (which harkens back to a certain Martin Luther King, Jr.), as well as his stance on how best to not only serve HIS community, but everyone else in the process. It's high time a man of substance such as this stirs the pot, instead of just "letting it burn", as many before him have.

It's OK to boycott, as long as the CAUSE is just (such as illiteracy and illegitimacy) as Rev. McGill states. This man KNOWS what's going on.

Finally, someone GETS IT!

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