04 October 2006

Will Somebody PUH-LEASE Tell These People...?

With the shooting of the Amish girls in Lancaster, PA, I just KNEW it would be a matter of (brief) time before the ANTI-GUN folks would step up and take another shot (no pun intended) at the status quo.
Enter Paul Helmke...former mayor of Fort Wayne, now president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence who is again spouting for "more GUN control", as if we don't have enough NOW.

But you would say "That sounds fine to me...guns are the cause of SO much violent crime today"...and I would have to reply "No dummy...GUNS don't kill PEOPLE...P E O P L E kill PEOPLE"! Guns are as much to "blame" for crime as flies are to blame for GARBAGE...or cars are to blame for DRUNK DRIVING ACCIDENTS! The airplanes (on 9/11) didn't fly into the Pentagon and the World Trade Center ALL BY THEMSELVES....did they?

God...it amazes me the depths of stupidity some will dive to JUST to make a totally INVALID point. They should be MORE concerned about the POINT on their heads (the one with the word DUNCE written on it).

Helmke doesn't want to infringe on the rights of collectors, and those who "legitimately feel the need to have a gun". Really Paul? And who EXACTLY would "FEEL THE NEED" to have a gun, especially in TODAY'S society, hmm?

Lemme do the math on that............

Gee...let's say EVERY law-abiding citizen that is a potential victim thanks to perps who have NO regard for the law, NO regard for authority in general, will do ANYTHING to get what the hell THEY want, by whatever means, and will stop at nothing to get a gun ILLEGALLY...how's that SO far?

Cripes..you take a damn step out your door...you're basically "at risk" by some f$cking thug that has once AGAIN slipped through the ever-widening gaps of our severely flawed JUDICIAL system, is back on YOUR street, and sees YOU as a nice "pigeon", ready for plucking! People aren't even safe BEHIND their doors with all the HOME INVASIONS we hear about. This phrase was relatively UNKNOWN about 15 years ago, wasn't it? Not anymore!

Now let it be said that I AM ALL FOR having the gun dealers accountable. Let's face it, when they go and sell to perps with NO background checks, THAT is a recipe for disaster. The same goes for "straw purchasers"...those who buy up a $hitload of firearms for "someone else" while lying their ass of and saying all this hardware is for THEM. Also, let's have some credibility at gun shows....a LOT of firearms are bought there, and I'd be happy to see some dsort of background checks available at these venues for purchasers.

The technology DOES exist to make THESE things possible, but don't go and place ME under a microscope for owning a few guns....I'm not the one doing ANY of the crime.

One thing I DO know...there are a lot of guns on the streets, in the hands of people who don't deserve to have them in the first place. When you check our local felony report, all you see is "illegal posession of a handgun", of "posession of a handgun by a minor (or felon)". That simply will not fly in MY book, and does absolutely NOTHING to make ANY of our streets safer, does it?

Gun control? You MUST be f$cking kidding me....let's talk "PEOPLE" control instead. Learn to control those thugs that are doing the crime. Do more to get THEM off the street for a LOT longer. Make dealers accountable for their inventory and sales...ditto for gun shows.

It disgusts me to NO end when all these people want to dilute my 2nd amendment RIGHTS. Actually, I view gun ownership as a privilege as well, just like driving a car, because with certain rights AND privileges, there comes a RESPONSIBILITY, to which YOU are held accountable.
((amazing how those words KEEP coming up, isn't it?))

Start trusting those who FOLLOW the law...not those who BREAK it...fair enough?

So Paul...hands off my "stuff"...let ME do what I have to do to defend MY home, MY family, and even MY country. It's MY right, MY choice, and MY responsibility.

AS it is for EVERY single law-abiding citizen of this nation!

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