24 October 2006

A "Perfect" Crime? You Decide....

I have to admit that I am appalled by this story:


Tammy Skinner is escorted from Suffolk Police headquarters Tuesday afternoon.

Seems Ms. Skinner is going to get away with MURDER....that's right, free and clear, thanks to certain "statutes" that are probably as archaic as most of the legislators in Virginia.

"Skinner, 22, called police early Thursday morning and told the dispatcher she had been shot in the stomach. She was pregnant and due to give birth that day. The gunshot wound that police think was self-inflicted caused the death of her unborn baby girl.
After turning herself in Tuesday, Skinner was arrested and charged with illegally inducing an abortion, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and filing a false police report, police spokeswoman Lt. D.J. George said. If convicted, Skinner faces as much as 13 years in prison and a year in jail, plus more than $100,000 in fines. "

On The O'Reilly Factor last evening, it was reported (by Mr. O'Reilly and Judge Andrew Napolitano) that she would basically be walking free, because there was no law preventing Ms. Skinner from doing what she did (thanks to mental health issues). It was also reported that since the fetus was not OUT of the womb, it might not considered a "viable" entity (read person), and YET...how many fetuses are taken from the mother PREMATURELY (by necessity), placed in an ICU incubator until they can survive on their own?
I suppose she could be brought up on firearms violations at this point. But she is not being prosecuted (at this time). Perhaps a furor over this *might* cause a rethinking of the judge's decision. Funny thing...if an "assailant" would have shot Ms. Skinner, killing the fetus, he WOULD HAVE been charged with murder. Yet she faces no such charge currently.

She even LIED to the police (as too many in blighted neighborhoods are "
brought up" and therefore prone to do). There is this inherent disdain (and distrust) for the police (and many other aspects of authority) by these people that promotes a sort of "self-justice"..meaning whatever "I" choose to do is OK, because all my brothers and sisters are backing me up. Sadly, this is another sticking point with this emerging "sub-culture" we have in America. Screw the "law"...we have our OWN way of "dealing" with things.

One questrion I have to ask...Where is the ACLU in all of this? It would appear that they have a case AGAINST Ms. Skinner (if they are looking out for EVERYONE'S civil liberties, as they so often tout). And let's face it, if she was about to "give brirh" as stated, wouldn't that ALONE constitute fetal VIABILITY, ergo a human life?

One has to consider the source though. Would this happen in an upscale neighborhood to a rich-ass woman of professional means? Would we even FIND OUT about it, because that woman has ways of sweeping it under the carpet?

Suffice it to say that this will most certainly have repercussions that will echo for some time.

Personally, I find it tragic, horrific, and despicable. Will Ms. Skinner wind up doing any time for this? I really don't know, but she should, as should ANYONE that carries out such a heinous crime.

That (almost newborn) infant could have grown up to find a cure for Sickle Cell Anemia, or cancer..or AIDS.

But we'll never know now...will we?

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Jana said...

I read about this yesterday on foxnews.com.

I was horrified! THat poor, innocent baby! About to be born and because the "mother" was selfish, decided to kill it as she would an unwanted bug or spider in her home!

This just goes to show, like I've said before, even if it is controversial, some people should NOT be allowed to have the capability to breed!

She could've had the baby and set it up for adoption! How hard is that??

Stories like this just break my heart...