17 October 2006

Technology.....We All Love It, Right?

Well, we LOVE it when it WORKS...and DETEST it when it doesn't. That about sum it up?

Sure does for me.

Whenever you look around most ANY room in your house, take notice to all the "gizmos" you have at your disposal...
Go ahead...I'll wait.....

I'll just hit some "high points" with technology here.
Radio: Still good and reliable. A fundamental part of life.

TV: USED to be good until we got too many choices that we became ADHD afflicted.

Cellphones: Good for emeregncies ONLY...not as an adjunct to DRIVING (or life itself).

Two-Way Radios: Again....nice item to have in a pinch. (when you're stranded)

Electric razors: Not as good as a blade, but what the hell...

Microwave Ovens: One of the BEST items invented...and I can spot planes MILES away with it, as well as wreak havoc with peoples' pacemakers and garage doors...LOL!

Electric Tootbrushes: Lazy people device.

Cordless Drills: The handyman's best friend (next to his German Shepard)

Computers: ONLY AS GOOD as the people designing the software that runs them...PERIOD!
(I'm thinking really expensive calculator/typewriter that plays games myself)

iPods, Blackberrys, etc: Devices for those with NO life, no future, and no way to balance a checkbook by HAND or READ a CALENDAR on a wall , making notations as to where they should eb tomorrow. Add to that VIDEO GAMES that are as real as life (sans the actual effect of bad choices or harder levels of play...lol). I STILL own a PS-1, and I use it as a DIVERSION...not as my "life's calling".

And of course we have the myriad other things that make our life EASIER, or BETTER. Sorry, but with a computer that needs upgrades about every 7.625 HOURS (or so it seems), that is NOT making ANYTHING easier or better for ME...!
Hell, I STILL own a TURNTABLE (what's that?) and a BETA VCR (what's THAT?), and even a 23 year old car with ONLY 59K on it (And it's NOT in some museum?). I have a set of speakers that are OLDER than my wife...and (like her) they STILL work fine.

Now...*if* all this new-fangled STUFF were REALLY making life BETTER and EASIER, freeing up MORE time to do things I want to do (instead of having me constantly on the go for a guy that can FIX the old crap, as well as the latest tech to supplant the archaic tech I already own and CAN'T get fixed)...that WOULD be a godsend. But I just ain't seeing it happen, folks!

I (along with millions of other Americans) have neither the MONEY, nor the desire to even attempt to keep up with a burdgeoning technological market that has something *new & improved* for MY convienience coming out every 30 seconds. And I would be remiss NOT to mention that all these things made to *free up more time* for us are actually making us less sociable creatures, producing a generation unable to function in public venues. People are losing the ability to WRITE (by hand), converse, and conduct themselves in the civil manner that generations of the past used as a necessary tool in human development. How times are changing, indeed.

Besides...who these days can STILL make architectural plans without computer software? (hint...I can), or read a lensatic compass? (again, guilty as charged), or even make a cassette tape of favorite songs via MANUAL dubbing? (Yep...you guessed it). I don't do the D/L gig...feel like I'm ripping off the artists. MP3...no thanks. I enjoy the "challenge" of doing something and getting it right (eventually in some cases...lol).

SO many things are falling by the wayside, and we're talking crafts such as cabinet making, metalworking, glassblowing, and the like. We don't set type any longer to publish anything...we get on the old 'puter and type our butts off. We don't even repair our own cars anymore...a computer talks to our car's computer, and (after tea, scones and "how's your mum?") the problems (if any) appear for the "technician" (no longer a REAL mechanic, but a graduate of computer science) to replace the faulty part (most everything can't be "fixed" per se any more...better to swap it out (at a higher cost, of course).

So, in the end...it IS all about MONEY...and it's mostly YOURS that fills the pockets of ALL these entities as they change things daily for our "benefit".

Yessir...TECHNOLOGY...not the BEST way to evolve as a species...just the ONLY way!!


Jana said...

I remember the microwave my parents had when I was a little girl.

That thing could cook ANYTHING with no problem! No turn-table needed like we have today...

Wow, of all things to remember as a kid, a black microwave with a big black handle on the front to use when we had to open it...

B.G. (Semper Paratus) said...

At least you never had a TV set (no color except black, white, and various shades of gray) that weighed over a HUNDRED pounds, made of SOLID mahogany, took about a MINUTE to "warm up the tubes", and only had a screen size of NINE inches...LOL!

BTW...it only had TWO dials on it...the ON/OFF Volume control and the CHANNEL changer.
(in the back were the HOR. Hold, VER. Hold & CONTRAST/BRIGHTENESS rods)

And that was "high tech" then...!

Jana said...

my sister and I had a little black/white TV while my parents had the color one in the living room.

because we liked to play Atari so much, my dad figured out how to hook it up to our TV so we could play it in our room while he and my mother could watch the color TV without us whining about wanting to play video games...