08 November 2006

It's FINALLY Over...

All the politics, the elections (or as they say in Japan...the erections...lol) are done with this year, and now we get to sit back and see whether our choices were on target or missed the mark by a country mile!

I suppose all those that have lived for this and have spent numerous hours bashing this party or that will have to look elsewhere for entertainment now.

As for me....having not affiliated myself with any political party still has it's merits. I look at the PEOPLE...the ISSUES, and what's in the BEST interest for ALL concerned...screw the special interest groups et al. I'm just going to be watching them all....

We have a new Sheriff...(no big surprise there with Ken)...Souder kept his job a while longer (crosses fingers), so he better tow the mark now. The DEMS have control of the house (oh joy), and the man formerly known as Prince...I mean Carl Johnson has been replaced on the FWCS board. That was a good thing...it gives Kweku (Carl) more time to devote to his program with the urban kids...a good thing. It didn't bode well to miss a THIRD of the FWCS board meetings anyway now, did it?

We have a new assessor in Allen County...let's hope SHE can properly charge the homeowners the correct rate of taxes on their properties NOW. And we still have the same Prosecutor....Karen Richards ran unopposed. I hope she begins to slide away from all this plea-dealing that's been going on lately. One thing's for sure...she "ain't no SHARK"...LOL!

One thing I did notice was P.J. Smith....he came in a distant 3rd in the sheriff's race, but he spent NOTHING (as in zero dinero) on his campaign, and STILL got SIX PERCENT of the votes....remarkable. And after he voted, he STILL showed up and pulled his shift on the streets in his squad car...he sure was a man of his word. No frills...all business....you just have to admire his integrity.

SO now we all sit back and "armchair-quarterback" what went right...and what went wrong. Those that won will be doing the "in yer face" gig, while those that lost will be crying "foul" for a while longer. It's nice to see some things never change.

Yet seeing changes for the better might be just what we need...we'll be watching
...and waiting
...and hoping.

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