07 November 2006

THIS Is Why I WON'T Sit On A Jury...

In today's News-Sentinel, I found this nice little display of justice being not only BLIND (but deaf...AND dumb to boot)...

(by Nicole Lee)
Antwain James Hines, (at left) 21, was sentenced Monday in Allen Superior Court to eight years in prison for carrying a handgun without a license. Under a plea agreement, prosecutors suspended all but two years of the sentence.
They also dropped two counts of pointing a firearm and residential entry.
Hines, with a man and a woman, entered a home in the 500 block of East Masterson Avenue on July 6, 2004, and attacked two of the three people inside, according to a probable-cause affidavit.
Hines pointed a handgun at one of the men and “yelled for him to get on the floor,” a witness said. Hines was upset with the man for “saying bad things about him,” according to the affidavit.
The woman entering the house with Hines took a box cutter and cut the same man whom Hines forced to the floor.
Hines and the woman fled the house when a neighbor knocked on the door, according to the affidavit. Two of the three people inside the house positively identified Hines as being at the scene.
He is considered a serious violent felon due to a robbery conviction in 2001.
With good behavior, Hines, who was credited with 284 days already served, could be out of prison in less than three months. He also was ordered to pay $1,447 in restitution and undergo substance-abuse treatment and a psychological evaluation. After he’s released, Hines will be on probation for four years.))

Now this kind of crap just pisses me off to NO end...another perp with nothing to do all day, no job, no frigging future just goes around, invades a home, basically terrorizes the people there, and THAT is all he gets? This is damn near a slap on the frigging wrist!

ANYONE that ever invades MY home better make sure THEIR life insurance is paid the hell up...period. Trespassers WILL be shot...and survivors will be shot AGAIN...!

The people in the story above didn't seem like they WANTED to be "invaded"...did they? They sure didn't want their lives turned upside-down by some punk-ass perp with too much time on his crime-ridden hands, hmm?

This kind of activity makes a GOOD argumanet for keeping doors SECURED, as well as windows. Perps like "Antwain" (sounds like a rail line for insects...ANT TWAIN...or maybe Mark Twain's uncle's wife...ANT TWAIN)...damn stupid-ass moolie name. It's not ANTWAIN...or AUNTWAIN, or even ANTWANE...it's ANTOINE...frigging damn FRENCH, you remedial assholes...get the damn spelling CORRECT (oh wait..you have to be IN SCHOOL and PAYING ATTENTION to do that, right?).

But I guess we can't expect anything from someone whose name was bastardized so damn badly...come to think of it, he probably IS a bastard in his own right...(put's a whole new meaning to "Hoosier Daddy", doesn't it?). And to think this jerkoff will be BACK on the streets within TWO years...and we ALL know he's going to break his 4 year probation in SOME manner...people like him always do somehow. It's called RECIDIVISM, folks!

I'm sorry, but no judicial system would want ME (Mr. hang 'em all...let God sort 'em out) on ANY jury. The way the world is today with it's myriad loopholes for criminals to wiggle through, it's little wonder that we even bother with the entire "innocent until proven guilty" gig any longer (seems more like innocent until PROVEN innocent)....should be more like GUILTY until proven INNOCENT (like in the UK). Take all this damn "plea-agreement" garbage and stick it where the sun NEVER shines, people! He was GUILTY!

Beyond reasonable doubt....shadow of a doubt....call it what you will, it's much easier to instill SOME sort of doubt in at least ONE juror to get some perp off the hook...and that makes justice all the more "blind". And in those cases where you catch your child in the cookie jar, lid on the counter, chocolate on their lips, smelling like cookies....it's damn hard to convince yourself that they're INNOCENT in ANY way, shape or form.

We used to say "If it LOOKS like a duck...and QUACKS like a duck...it MUST be a duck". Sadly though, our present day judicial system falls over itself trying to convict (guilty) people when in fact they have allowed the exact legal contrivances that are getting the perps off to take root in the system, basically rendering it more ineffective by the year.

When I hear the phrase "Justice for ALL"...I take it literally...as in for EVERYONE, and that most CERTAINLY includes the VICTIMS of any crime. In fact, I would go so far as to say it means the victims of crime SOLELY. When the victims receive justice, the perp will automatically (and by default) receive his or hers. After all, one person's justice is another person's sentence, hmm?
It's when the one committing a crime gets nothing by way of REAL punishment, that the victims get even less than that. And I can't feel good in any manner over that.

Laws are for EVERYONE..or they mean nothing. When the judicial system begins to entertain THAT notion once again...maybe I'll think about sitting on a jury...but for now, I'll pass on jury duty...let someone that "thinks" the system works as intended be on the jury instead...
....Let them dream a while longer.


Jana said...

shit like this pisses me off too

Tim Zank said...

Yeah, but Bob...we need guys just like you to sit on jurys to convict these guys! If you get called up, please serve so these bastards don't win!!

B.G. (Semper Paratus) said...

All well and good if *I* convict them, but if my dissenting vote causes a hung jury....then what?

The entire judicial system needs some major overhauling, and if I had several more lifetimes, perhaps I could effect something that would be as fair to the victims.

Like I say, don't cause me to doubt your guilt...just PROVE to me you're NOT guilty at all.

Sorry, but my bias tells me the perp's guilty simply because he/she's on trial...so if they weren't doing something they weren't supposed to be doing...we wouldn't be IN the courtroom, would we?


Tim Zank said...

Well, ya got a point there....