14 November 2006

The Skinny on GPS, GAPS, and GAFFS...

In today's papers (and TV news), I found some interesting stories that kind of just make me want to shake my head...whether in disgust or ackowledgement is still up for debate.

First off...the FWPD is talking about getting GPS locators for their patrol cars (and the Fire Department will follow suit). In light of recent events at the Health department, this should be a no-brainer...I mean as long as there are "take-home" vehicles, it would make sense to see WHERE they might be *if* they are needed ASAP, right? Makes good sense. I mistakenly thought the FWPD already HAD them...silly me. I did know that the FWCS had the locators on their buses, but that is used (primarily) for tracking routes and times (but would get the cavalry comin' in a hurry should a driver have a situation on board too).

It would have been nice to have a few already ON patrol cars so theFWPD could "evaluate" them...and we know there's grant money for stuff like that in abundance. Same could be said of the FWFD. AT about $500K for the FWPD, the investment will be worth the cost.

* * *
In both the JG and the NS, there are stories related to the "gap" between races when it comes to education, houseing, and income....
Asians rank #1, Whites 2nd, Hispanics 3rd and Blacks 4th. No surprise to me in that front. What I do find curious, id the fact that AFTER all these "programs" were instituted to help minorities (mainly blacks & hispanics), and after ALL these years dumping said monies into those programs...WHERE is the "return" for the "investment"...and WHY aren't we seeing one yet?
If this were treated as a business...it would be chronically in the RED...and what company loves to operate or could even afford to stay solvent under THOSE conditions? Are these programs failing our poverty-stricken, or are the poverty-stricken unable to utilize these programs? If they are failing, then please DO NOT go dumping MORE money into them....either start over or FIX the current programs so they DO work...unlike a LOT of people on the SOUTH side of Fort Wayne (and NO...drug dealing is NOT a business..there, I said it yet AGAIN).
What about education? Well, you have to SHOW THE HELL UP to even LEARN, let alone graduate. Add to this a "return" to the way graduation rates USED to be tallied (like back in MY day...say 35 years ago)..yeah, they're REINVENTING the wheel again, folks. This will certainly play hell with the ISTEP results, and will put us more "in step? with other states (that have similarly LOWER graduation rates). How's THAT for progress?
One of the "fixes" seen in all of this is HOME OWNERSHIP....(rolls eyes)...here we go AGAIN! You seriously cannot tell me truthfully that you want to place "people" into houses they will "buy" (with added assiatance no doubt from the tax-paying public) when they can't EVEN handle living in an APARTMENT (or a rental house) without being a nuisance to a neighborhood. Why not TEACH them how to BEHAVE...how to ACT...how to ASSIMILATE themselves properly into society FIRST...THEN worry about "giving" them a house to live in, hmm?
This kind of "fix" is what has take too many of our neighborhoods across the nation and truned them into breeding grounds of incivility, disrespect, crime, and death. But hey, don't believe me...just drive through some "bad" parts of town...any town...doesn't have to be Ft. Wayne. You'll beciome a believer REAL fast (if you make it out OK that is).
* * *
Lastly...The Mayor (King Richard) wishes to allow himself the opportunity for a nice THIRTY PERCENT raise....that's a 3 with a nice 0 hanging on (which would put HIS salary more "in step" with other mayors). Expect CIty Council to blow this through, unlike better ordinances for US...the ones paying the civil SERVANTS' wages...
(BTW...City Council is looking at a 3% raise...might be passed as a "package"...in case you're wondering what TYPE of wool is being pulled over your eyes).
Tonight, the NAACP will be holding elections to see *if* they're going to have a new president (guess Rev Mike wasn't doin' that swell a job, eh?). Vince Robinson, although he doesn't *want* to be president, just feels they need a CHANGE at the NAACP...and I could not agree MORE. I would have liked to seen Rev. Bill McGill take the helm, but he's not running. Vince will do a good job, Ithink. He's got the personality, and was once was spokesperson (pre Andy Downs?) for the city a while back I think.
So there you have it...just another "typical" day in and around our "fair" city....
And always remember.....if a burglar tries to escape...shoot him again, and THEN drag him back INTO the house...it'll be worth the price of a carpet clean...trust me !


Jana said...

In regards to the actually being at school remark:

I think it should be MANDATORY for EVERYONE to go to school until they are 18. FULL TIME.

Whether they graduate or not doesn't matter; at least they will be in school during the time that they are supposed to be in school.

If they decide to skip class, they get sent to IN-SCHOOL SUSPENSION (not suspended from school itself) for a good bit of time (say, 2 weeks minimum?) where all they do is work that has been assigned to them and they aren't allowed to talk unless it's to go to the bathroom.

I know this may sound like they'll be in a prison, but lots of kids who drop out end up there anyway when they're older, so why not give them a nice bite of it when they're younger to hopefully make them use their heads more and be a productive citizen in their communities?

Just my two-cents...

B.G. (Semper Paratus) said...

Better to "do yer time" in SCHOOL (for 12 measley years) than in ANY prison....better perks (aka EDUCATION)!

Beats bein' the bitch of cellblock D any day, right?