14 November 2006

This AIN'T Your Father's Library Anymore...

The recent story about the ACPL should be sending some shockwaves all around the area for some time.
Seems that we've got some pervs that go there to SPY on kids, look up porn on the internet, and even spend some "quality time" doin' a tally-whack at a damn terminal! And it was caught on TAPE...for like THIRTY minutes...(such stamina)!!

WTF ever happened to the only offense incurred at a LIBRARY was an OVERDUE BOOK???

Now (if I had children), I'd be hard pressed to send any of MY kids to ANY library at this point, except if I go with them...cripes, we've got pedophiles in the stacks next to Shakespeare, Twain, and Hemingway...what's next?

Oh, I'm sure some fringe radical group will come to these people's defense, saying they simply "can't help themselves" or that "society doesn't understand them".

Yeah Right.

NEWS FLASH: I just checked my BIRTH CERTIFICATE...and yesterday's date was NOT on it!

They CAN help themselves (they just don't WANT to)...and society understands them ALL TOO WELL, people...that's why we LIKE judges that toss these people in a deep dark cell somewhere for a LONG time.

"Well these pedophiles have the same right to go to a library"....(replete with children doing schoolwork, research, etc)...yeah, nice idea. That will go a LONG way to "aid" these pedophiles with their" recovery", won't it? That's if they don't plea-bargain thier ass into a much lighter sentence ...and the judges and prosecutors doing THAT should be tarred and feathered (just as the perps should), and THEN ran out of town on a rail...THERE...how's THAT for an "opinion"?

((Hint...if these can use the internet for PORN...why not STAY HOME and use it like they would if they went to a library in the first place -like for READING, and stay the hell away from the kids, hmm?))

Cripes almighty...our children can't even feel safe doing schoolwork at the frigging library anymore...that is just disgusting....free library? free child voyeurism you mean.

And to think of ALL the hours I spent with my dad going there when I was in school....(hell, that's how I got to read the *original* Ian Fleming 007 books...the "racy" stuff..as well as all those National Geographics)! And yes, I DID spend time researching term papers as well, but back then, predators like the aforementioned had their place, and it WASN'T in libraries stalking schoolkids.

Just another reason to be wary of these persons of questionable behavior...if it's not at the playgrounds, it's at the library...or a store...or a parking lot. Hell, the ONLY place kids would feel safe today would be back in the damn WOMB!

At least the ACPL has cameras up....and they're doing some good. The ACPL has already busted some sexual offenders (wow...that info really IS PUBLIC DOMAIN....I guess thosw radicals aren't going to call the FBI on WANE TV, are they)? The ACPL says they are going to add more cameras...as well as better filters for the computers (cause we all know that any innocuous word can sometimes lead you to a damn porn site....)

Some may claim that "Big Brother" is watching them, thereby fulfilling a literary prophecy....I say that if the shoe fits (and it's doing the right thing)..then leave it on and just wear it....

After a while, you WILL like the way it feels!


Jana said...

" NEWS FLASH: I just checked my BIRTH CERTIFICATE...and yesterday's date was NOT on it!"

I like it! Nice way of putting that classic saying!

Now, about this pervert thing going on in the library:


Wouldn't that also count as INDECENT EXPOSURE in a public place, with children to boot?!

Again, I will say what has recently become my favorite term:


B.G. (Semper Paratus) said...

They ran the news story on WANE channel 15 here in Fort Wayne yesterday...check out their site.
I'm sure the vid is there.



Jana said...

oh geez, saw the video...

and someone left their 3-year old baby alone?!

not much of a parent...