15 November 2006

Storming My Bastions...?

Well, I never DID get to see the end of NCIS last night, as we were interrupted about 8:50PM by a huge chunk of pink granite that came through our family room window, knocking over a lamp, and sending glass shards in every direction. One would think with all the VACANT houses around here, that THEY would be a "more likely" target for some deranged vandal...I guess not. This perp KNEW which house to "choose". Funny thing....not one OTHER house was bothered (in our area anyway), so that means that those houses occupied by BLACKS were not touched. Could this be not just vandalism, but a HATE CRIME against whites? Or is this a "retribution" against ME specifically?

Having initially thought a shot was fired through the window (and calling *911* to say as much), we composed ourselves quick enough to see this nice large rock lying on our floor, next to our lamp. Basically, the windows exploded...no other way to phrase it. It was THAT sudden and loud.

One curious thing...the perp was NOT on foot OR in a car...how do I know? Easy...I noticed bicycle tracks going onto and leaving the lawn. That's right....this jerkoff had the balls to ride onto the property, UP the incline to our window, do his "bidness", and then leave off the lawn. Amazing the audacity of these aboriginies, isn't it?

I love the FWPD officers that came out (after FIFTEEN minutes for a 911 call w/ gunshots mentioned) finally. I think we need MORE warm bodies on this side of town...pronto. They looked around, and basically said there was nothing they could really do. I didn't feel "warm and fuzzy" after hearing that....what I REALLY felt was a distinct lack of concern and just a smidgen of apathy from both the hispanic office and the black officer (like THEY, the law-enforcement agency of this city can actually STOP crime...(they just gave me that "why are you still living here?" look)... Sadly, this does not bode well for those (especially whites) that choose to REMAIN in this area (and like neighborhoods). These "people" want YOU out of their 'hood'.....they want YOUR house, YOUR property, and nothing short of terrorist activity on their part will suffice for them. I will admit that my house does ofer a distinct advantage...you can spot a cop coming for blocks in ALL directions...make for a damn nice drug crib, doncha think? What would have been more appropos would be for me to deliver this rock to it's "rightful owner"...with gusto!!! I hate when people can't manage their "pets" properly, don't you?

I told the officers straight up...."I catch ANYONE not authorized to be IN this house tonight...they will NOT be leaving by the 'usual" means....it's called Castle Doctrine, gentlemen...and that IS a promise". I guess they could tell I was not amused by all of this. They said they'd ride around and look for anyone suspicious. Hell, I can do THAT much people! And after 25 or so minutes, this perp will be LONG gone, even on frigging foot...he'd be "well outta here". ANd although forensics doesn't "do windows...lol...I would bet the farm that they would sure as hell find a $hitload of stuff on that piece of granite...sweat, skin cells, trace fibers....a veritable cornucopia of evidence...damn shame about that. We COULD nail this bastard...."if only"....!

Now I don't "bother" anyone (that plays by the rules...not MY rules and therby doesn't require bothering), but just because I provide info on suspected DRUG HOUSES, report BOOMCARS, call in illegal BONFIRES, and shine a spotlight on cars with NO license plate bulb....that sure as hell makes ME the "bad guy" now....yepper! Cripes, I'm doing MORE for this neighborhood than anyone else, INCLUDING the FWPD.....I just don't have the "license to kill" aspect as much as I would desire.....oh, and DO I want it ever...especially now.

People say we don't need anyone with a "Batman" or "Punisher" mentality....I beg to differ. When those forces that act at will upon those unfortunate enough to just "be in their way", all for the sake of doing nothing but harm to others and their property...there NEEDS to be someone, anyone that will stand up for the average guy (and gal). If believing in that causes me to be labelled a vigilante...so be it. I'll still sleep at night knowing that quite well, thank you. I like to think that believing in that causes me to be somewhat a patriot. This IS America after all...not some third world, backwater, dirt road province in bumfsck Ghana...and I'm sticking UP for my neighborhood and my country!

I only wish I were about 25 years younger......with the attitude I have developed in Fort Wayne over these past nine (long) years...Let me rephrase that...the attitude that THOSE ASSHOLES LIVING AROUND ME have sought to plant and nuture over these past nine years....that's more accurate a description. I wasn't always like this...those around here have provided me with the "education" needed in the fine art of THEIR behaviors. And I am a "quick study....I retain that which I learn. I recall that tried and true saying....a little bit of knowledge IS dangerous. There you are.
Welcome to "ME", people.

So...to ALL those Barbarians at my gate, I would issue this cautionary warning: Be careful what you create...be mindful of what you have developed...and be sure to look over your shoulder.....I might just be there...smiling. Thanks to all of you morons, I don't scare easily at all anymore. Never start something you can't possibly finish...for I will...trust me.


Jana said...

I'm glad that you and D weren't hurt, B. When I read the first paragraph, I got REALLY scared that one or both of you got hurt!

And good for you telling the cops straight up that anyone entering your house illegally would leave in a body bag!

Be careful, and give those creeps hell!

B.G. (Semper Paratus) said...

Cost of the replacement panes was $160....we went with PLEXIGLASS (for now), as it won't toss shards across the carpet (or US & the cats...lol)
The "next step" will be to go to LEXAN...that'll surprise the shit out of anyone tossing a rock...it'll bounce back AT them...LMAO!

I would LOVE to catch THAT on video...!

I can't help it...I love f$cking with these morons.