17 November 2006

To Every holiday YIN...There is a YANG...

OK...WAL-MART finally got BACK on board and will be wishing holiday shoppers a MERRY CHRISTMAS once again. The flap LAST year over not even mentioning the word *Christmas* obviously brought the "Rains of Ranchipur" down about them, deluging the company with protests, boycotts, and a lot of other just plain pissed-off people. And who can blame them?

Isn't the Christmas season supposed to be ABOUT Christmas? Aren't they called CHRISTMAS TREES? Now I can see those secular-progressives rolling their eyes in disgust...fine, you don't like it...move to Botswana!

America was founded with certain TRADITIONS in mind, not the least of which is Christmas (that the Germans basically brought over with them to the degree that we enjoy it today). But still, this time of year has ALWAYS brought it's specific (and sometimes peculiar) nuances with it...and yes, it DOES make "help to make the season bright", as Nat King Cole would croon.

Yet, as we pat Wal-Mart on the back, we at the same time have to "spank" TARGET stores for not allowing the SALVATION ARMY people to stand out front of their stores. Oh sure, Target (quietly) handed over one MILLION bucks to the Salvation Army for the season (hush money?), but the fact remains...were these bell-ringers doing ANYTHING contrary to the season? Were they denying shoppers access TO Target stores? Were they infringing on the shoppers rights to spend only AT Target. The answer to all of these is an overwhelmingly loud...NO!

I suppose this is the secular-progressive way of achieving "balance" to their agenda, however skewed and misdirected it might be.

It's not as though this is a WEEK-LONG or even a MONTH-LONG venue...it's just ONE stinkin' day, people...it's CHRISTMAS. Hell, even Ebeneezer Scrooge found THAT much out, and claimed redemption for his former ways. And that was a win-win all around, wasn't it?

And *if* we pay attention real well...we just might rediscover the true meaning of the holiday in all of this...and that certainly can't be such a "bad" thing...can it now?


Jana said...

heh, well Target just lost my patronage...

B.G. (Semper Paratus) said...

..And many OTHER peoples' as well...I'm sure.

It will help K-Mart to NO small end, that's for sure...lol!