19 December 2006

And Now A Shameless Plug....

After following a link in the OPENING ARGUMENTS blog (hat tip to Leo Morris), I wound up at a site called BlogNetNews.com. SO I surf around, and lo and behold...it's ALL Indiana blogists...amazing. They are now linked to THIS blog.
I like the layout of the site...very "Bob" friendly...not an easy feat with the dinosaur I drive online currently. I've been trying to equate it to something familiar (to me), and after a time, I found out what "that" was.... ...The Italian market in South Philly...LOL!

It's sort of that open-air, one-stop-shop kind of place that, no matter where you turn, you see someone you recognize. Whatever you want...they have it...from soup to nuts, fresh produce, fabrics, meats, cheeses...whatever you can imagine, the Italian Market has it (and it was also featured in the first ROCKY movie). So the same can be said with this latest blogsite (except for the ROCKY reference).

A veritable cornucopia of blogs from The Hoosier state.

Who'da "thunk"?

You want sports? They got sports. News...Got that covered too. Politics...Oh yeah, there's politics out the wazoo. Media and entertainment...say no more (wink, wink...nudge, nudge)...personal opinion...plenty to go around. Like the song goes..."Something for Everyone"...!

They also have the most recent posts for blogs listed, as well as the most frequented sites (in case the government wants to keep tabs on you...or even Santa...LOL)! I have the distinct impression that what is NOT covered by the media WILL be found HERE (and easily too). It will be nice to have access to LOTS of blogs (and bloggers) that share their dame (as well as differing) views, opinions, facts, and figures.

And if that STILL isn't enough....they have BlognetSPORTS, BlognetLIFE, and BlognetBIZ to roam around at. SO I've made up my mind...I'm going to consider this website the ITALIAN MARKET of the Blogosphere...and that's about as good a referral as you can find....I just wish they served CHEESESTEAKS and Hoagies!!!

I Hope they have the best of success with this venture.

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