20 December 2006

Big Surprise Time, Kids.....

The F.B.I. (no less) is reporting that violent crime is still surging, as of the first half of THIS year. This trend was noticed (by them) LAST year. Hell, I could have told the F.B.I. as much THREE years ago, if my neighborhood (and immediately surrounding areas) are any indication, or criminal barometer of how the nation acts (or reacts). This "historic" drop in the U.S. crime rate is being reversed...(gee...'ya think?)

The rates for homicides, assaults, as well as other violent offenses have risen by nearly FOUR PERCENT in just the first six months of THIS year when compared to the same period LAST year. This IS according to the F.B.I. Now I don't know about YOU, but to ME...that's some SERIOUS growth. When Fort Wayne states we have a crime DROP (of WAY less than half of this growth trend) that doesn't bode well for the law-abiding citizenry one damn bit.

This is one of those "Why didn't they just ask me?" moments, friends. I have been on our local police citing such observations (and I only scan the PD blotter daily, as well as document activity in our neighborhood). I can't say I'm amazed, impressed, or astonished at this point. I'm not even bemused. I am dissapointed with the length of time it took the FEDS to get wind of this disturbing "trend". Then again, having worked FOR the federal government in the last millenium (and several lifetimes ago), even that no longer surprises me at all. If anyone thinks the wheels of JUSTICE move slowly...brother, they ain't seen the federal government in action!

Now there will be those nay-sayers who will cry more GUN control, and after rolling my eyes in disbelief at the sheer asininity accorded that comment, I'll merely rebutt with "It's not about GUN control...it's about PEOPLE control".

To paraphrase Samuel Beckett: "We are all born STUPID (mad)...some remain so". That would at least covers our educational system's ass...LOL! And one of the marvelous things about crime (and stupidity)...is that it is COLORBLIND (although I would be remiss to not say that in "certain" areas of ethnicity, crime is usually higher...no brag, just FACT)! Add to that the FACT that many crimes still go UNREPORTED, so the numbers will in all likelihood be skewed lower than the actual totals. Criminals today have a helluva lot less fear of not only law-enforcement and capture, but also the scales of justice. They are heavily weighed in their favor (sadly). Defense attorneys turn into Pavlovian mongrels when faced with a sensationalistic case. The dollar signs (and Warhol's 15 minute gig) are omnipresent in their legal wranglings. We can see this every day.

I've always been relatively pacifistic, except when confronted continuously and blatantly (I can only turn SO many cheeks)...then I become "Mr. Hyde" to my otherwise Dr. Jekyll persona. Personally speaking, I can relate to the abhorance of allowing one's "dark side to come out and play"... But with that said, I have to be on MY guard 24/7 where I currently live. When a young snot-nose punk pulls a gun on you when you ASK him to remove some litter he tosses on your property...well, that's what we like to refer to as "The Wake Up Call". Fortunately for me, he didn't shoot, and fortunately for HIM..I wasn't armed (then). Things are a LOT different now. And I have to amend my lifestyle just to be able to secure our house (and persons) from those to whom the statistics bear witness.

I have seen crime on the rise....I see it approaching my neighborhood DAILY. It's like this disease...spreading from neighborhoods farther north down to ours. I'm but a handful of people concerned (around here anyway) over this. Most have moved away, while the rest of us either live in fear (not MY first choice) or attempt to do something about it. I'm STILL attempting....every damn day. Crime on the rise....it's not news to me any longer....it's just a way of life.

We live by three rules around here:
1) get up...
2) survive...
3) go to bed...
... repeating as necessary.
It's not a vigilante lifestyle...just a VIGILANT one.

Nothing personal, but I don't wish to aid the F.B.I. in the "statistical" department...if you get where I'm coming from.

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