25 December 2006

We Made It.....

Who would have thought?....Christmas day AND the 100th post on this blog happening at the same time. There's TWO good reasons to crack open a cold Guinness and celebrate!

To everyone who has encouraged me to start this blog (didn't know what you were asking for...did 'ya?), and has either commented here, or just stopped by to take a gander at what I feel needs to be said, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. It's been quite a ride so far.

A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to each and every one of you, fellow bloggers and non-bloggers alike. May the blessings of this holiday reach far beyond your hearts and doors. MY wish is that all of you rekindle the spirit of the season in abundance, being selfless in giving, grateful in receiving, and joyful in believing.

To all our servicemen and women serving in whatever capacity throughout the world, I wish them safe passage in their journies. May the best this season has to offer be theirs now and always. We shall not forget your service to our nation, and the sacrifices you make daily to ensure our liberties and freedoms.

To our LEOs and Firefighters, may you remain safe on the streets of our cities, as you protect us. Your personal dedication to serve the public, placing yourselves in harm's way deserves our thanks. And to that end, we applaude each one of you.

And to those who teach the future generations, may you be renewed by the knowledge that your service is appreciated long after the diplomas have been awarded. You are the pillars of learning that we lean against as we strive to become better people than we were the day before.

Christmas..a time for reflection as well as gift giving; a time for thanksgiving as well as a time of renewal. May we all revel in the marvelous multitude of blessings this day brings.

Happy Holidays, One and All... From Our Home to YOURS!!!


Andrew Kaduk said...

Congrats on the longevity. From some random "Next Blog" button pushing, I have found that most don't make it past 10 posts. Ever.

I'll take a Guiness.

bobett said...


Excellent post...Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Happy 100th post...timely...looking forward to the longevity of your blog.

Your blog has staying power; it's always an amazing, thinking and powerful read.

Thanks for sharing your gift.

Tim Zank said...

Congrats B.G.!! Make mine a Corona!