01 August 2007

Hump-Day Happenings...

We're half-way through the week....and we need to take a cue from our buddy here.

So pour yourself another cup o' java, and get ready for this week's installment of "those" stories gleaned from the media, presented for your approval...(or not).

Item - Atlanta QB gets support from NAACP:
Oh give me a break! His "friend" just rolled on him, turning state's evidence, so what's the big deal? It's the time-tested "celeb" immunity gig all over again. I don't know about YOU, but I get sick and tired of THESE people of notoriety getting a free pass.
Any other regular person would have the book (or three) tossed at them...period.
And puh-lease don't give me the song-and-dance about his being BLACK. At least PETA (for once) is on the right side with this.

Item - Britney and K-Fed are finally DIVORCED:
And we (like) really give a $hit anymore about EITHER of them?

Item - Dow Jones Drops / Gas Prices Rise:
Oh no, we couldn't see THAT one coming...could we?

Item - More Woes In Gary:
Residents of the Miller section along Lake Michigan want to try and UN-annex themselves from the city, due to rising crime and high taxes (wow, what a NOVEL idea...you guys in Aboite following this?). So far, 51% of the people in that section signed a petition for disannexation. Remonstrance hearings are forthcoming. This should prove quite interesting.
Also in Gary, a man was shot to death by police because the officer thought the man was reaching for a gun, when he was hiking up his "saggy-baggys", as he was running from a burglary he had just committed. Hey, an officer doesn't know WHAT might go down, so those wanting to charge the officer with some sort of trumped-up willful murder should just build a damn bridge and get over it. It does make the case for dressing appropriately, though...doesn't it?
Remember, if you LOOK like a slob (or thug), that's how people will SEE you.

Item - Tax Relief...They Say It's Coming:
Yeah, so is JESUS CHRIST!

Item - 160 NEW Jobs Coming To Area:
Three companies in NE Indiana are expanding, and that means more jobs. Yeah, those 160 jobs will go SO damn far to alleviate all the THOUSANDS displaced every year for the past 10 years, won't it?
Well, it IS a start. We need a lot more than just these jobs to get this state "off the dole".

Item - G.I. Deaths in Iraq at 8 Month Low:
Finally, they put this story in the news. It basically glossed-over in lieu of latest casualty figures, until yesterday. Gee, I guess that recent TROOP SURGE must be WOR-KING...'ya think?

There 'ya are...plenty to discuss at the water cooler now. And for those of you that NEVER stop by and read (so you won't see this anyway), here's HALF a "peace sign" for you (that would be a middle-finger salute for you uninitiated).
Those of you that DO stop by...thanks for coming!
And those that are bold (that would refer to being COOL) enough to POST here, may God bless the ground you WALK on...LOL!

Have a nice day, and remember, coffee has been shown to now prevent skin cancer...
(and blue food makes you live forever...that's why we can't FIND any...blueberries don't count...they're purple..LOL).


Jen said...

What about blue M&M's? Do those count? LOL.

Bobby G. said...

I USED to think so (until I was about 37), until it as discovered that the "blue" coating is not a "food" per se, but an artificial coloring.
Sorry about that.

I'm still investigating "blue" POWERADE....(wonder where that government GRANT is??)



bobett said...

I love coffee. I bet it has many other health benefits as well.

It makes one wonder though, how do
they research and fund a "coffee study...preventing skin cancer"?