19 October 2007

Friday Follies...
We made it to the end of another week of toil and sweat, and what better way to begin the weekend than to sit back and peruse the goings-on, courtesy of the Erudition.

You might laugh...you might cry, you might even get a tad POed in the process, but first and foremost...you will THINK.

China Demands U.S. backtrack -
Seems China has their collective undies in a bunch because the U.S. honored the Dalai Lama (who was given the highest civilian award presented by our President this past Wednesday), saying "we" are gravely undermining our relationship with the communist country.
Oh, for crying out loud....these are the SAME people sending lead-riddled TOYS to our freaking kids for God's sake! And they have the AUDACITY to "demand" anything from US? We (the USofA) are "blatantly interfering with China's internal affairs", Chinese officials are saying.
Uh...excuse me, but the Dalai Lama isn't like your own personal "Pope". In fact, you people over there don't even LIKE to have any religion bothering your Marxist state. I've heard of people JAILED for toting bibles in China, so where do you "so-called leaders" come off with some holier than thou rhetoric over the Dalai Lama, when you aren't even followers of his beliefs? Get a grip, you Commies...better yet, go build a bridge (to match your "Great Wall") and get the hell over it. We'll present awards to anyone we feel DESERVES it, so deal with it.
(but I still like your pork lo mein)

Those Wacky Mimes -
On today's front page of the local paper, I saw something that I "should" find as disturbing as Amos & Andy used to be to blacks, namely the Fort Wayne Urban League mimes...all in the obligatory "white-face", performing ("silently"...no less. How weird is THAT?) at the ACPL (library).
Now I'd wager "the farm", that IF I dared show up doing a MINSTREL number (in the obligatory black-face), I'm sure the NAACP and the ACLU would be all over me like white on rice (pun intended). This double-standard crap has to stop.
Now, I'm all for after-school programs that help latchkey kids, but we can do much better than THIS. I've never heard of BLACK MIMES, and for the obvious reasons...all the blacks I see around MY area (as well as many students in our schools) just can't seem to shut the hell up for one damn minute. They're always mouthing out to someone, or about something, shouting a whole city block to call to someone, screaming at the tops of their ample lungs to each other or their kids, honking their car horns (ghetto doorbells), and thumping their boomcars all over our streets. So don't tell me that BLACK MIMES really exist.
They wouldn't know QUIET if it came up and bit 'em all in their (ample) asses! That's as oxymoronic as military intelligence...LOL!
I just KNOW that Marcel Marceau is rolling in his grave.

More School "Daze" -
OK, so we've got more "ammo" in the fight to get our kids smarter sooner, and with fewer problems. Such as:
-Birth control for middle schoolers. (WTF???) When I was a pre-teen, we had a helluva lot of other things to while away our time that screwing around. Then again, we had something called REAL PARENTS THAT GAVE A DAMN...and HOBBYS.
-Getting kids into school SOONER (as in PRE-kindergarten). Anyone for IN UTERO education? Why not implant some kind of "learning" chip in the womb, so by the time the child is born, he/she is well on his/her way to that MASTERS AT OXFORD by the time they're past the second grade!
Makes you feel the need to run through the streets screaming "STOP THE MADNESS", doesn't it?

Renaissance Pointe Musings -
In today's paper you will find a supplement touting this grand experiment on the city's near southeast side, complete with elevation views and floor plans for these new houses (costing over $100K each). Now if you look at the aerial floor plan for the area, you can also see that this is a "cookie cutter" venue, with neat little houses sitting side-by-side along the streets in the area. Not much room per house, property-wise.
And in this blogger's opinion, that takes some of the "charm" from the area (or any area). The major nuance about these neighborhoods is that no TWO are alike. Some blocks have 15 houses, while others have ten or fewer (our block happen to have ten houses). The property sizes vary, allowing for personal creativity with property owners, and THAT makes for a nice area to live. I personally feel that this project is another case of spitting in the wind, and I would like to be proved wrong.
Time will tell.

Two Notable Celebrities Pass Away -
Deborah Kerr and Joey Bishop have gone on to better things.
Joey Bishop, a marvelous comic for decades, and the last of the original "Rat Pack" died at the age of 89. At least they're ALL back together now.
And anyone that has ever watched From Here To Eternity can never forget that scene on the beach between Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr. She died at the age of 86. Celebrities tend to die in "threes"...I wonder who will finish THIS trilogy?

So there you are....things to make you THINK (or as my English teacher used to write on the blackboard...THIMK). As for me, I've got an 8 foot branch that our recent storm brought down out back waiting for me...and I think it wants to be cut into a whole lot of little pieces.

Have a Safe Weekend.


Kristen Luidhardt said...

Thanks for your post over on Veritas Rex. I still read your blog and appreciate hearing your thoughts.

Bobby G. said...

Thanks for the kind words.

Sorry if I tend to be a bit "rough around the edges" over here at my blog.
I just feel that "kid gloves" and sugar-coating issues and problems doesn't amount to a hill of beans when trying to make the world better and safer for everyone.

As friends will tell you about me "He's as subtle as a mallet through a plate-glass window".

That's why I won't run for any office...many times, people can't stand the truth, and they REALLY can't stand it when you call 'em on it.

Guess that goes with getting older...LOL.

Thanks again.