28 August 2008

Keep Watching The Skies...
That closing line from the movie THE THING (the original 1951 version with James Arness as "the thing") seems spot on today.
It's been a while since we saw some DECENT rainfall and, according to Greg Shoup, we might be due for some this evening (into tomorrow). Don't let me down, Greg.
I know my garden needs it, as does my rather BROWN lawn, which I'm thinking of covering with ASTRO TURF (or at least some green spray paint...lol)!
Good, that'll give me a break from watering every morning.
So, with that aside...
**I read today on the OP-ED page that one of my "predictions" might be coming true.
Rev. Bill McGill is making a run for president...of the local NAACP, that is. Now if you're a loyal reader (and I'm talking to all FOUR of you...or is it SIX now? LOL), you've seen his name here a few times. I even mentioned over a year ago that the NAACP (in Ft. Wayne) should be run by someone like him.
And I'm OK with that.
Rev Bill has got the right thoughts, ideas, and aspirations for his community, and would make a very good community leader in that regard. Rev. Bill must also read a lot of LARRY ELDER (and all of what Mr. Elder says in his books should be required reading by most everyone).
I would recommend the book seen here (10 Things You Can't Say In America), as it is fantastic.
Rev. McGill is of the persuasion that blacks have to stop labelling themselves victims and start doing for themselves. Sounds like a plan to me, as I've stated as much here MANY times (but no one ever listens to this ole white boy, who knows more about the black community than many of his same-raced peers AND members of the black community combined).
At least Rev. Bill will do something Rev Latham has not done all that much to date, and that's TAKE ACTION to change this appalling trend in their community where young teen pregnancy is "rewarded", and thug lifestyle behavior is approved , or tolerated, instead of shunned. I had thought that Vince Robinson's run against Latham would have been the "wake up call" Latham needed to get his butt in gear, but alas, it was not to be.
Hopefully, Rev. McGill will get his chance to affect major change for the better in his community. I wish him the best in this endeavor. I believe he CAN make the difference that is sorely needed.
**A man caught selling drugs to a U/C officer attempted to flee and punched the officer in the face. Not the smartest thing you did in your life, was it, Mr. Robert D. Lee (18, of the 500 block of Creighton Ave)?
Detectives set uip drug-buy stings in the area of Caroline, Warsaw and Suttenfield after (get this) NEIGHBORS COMPLAINED ABOUT DRUG SALES ON CITY STREETS. Wow, I guess Phil Marx is FINALLY getting some oil for that squeaky wheel he's been rolling (seemingly UPHILL) ALL THESE YEARS BY HIMSELF.
Perhaps there is still hope, people!
The drugs were sold to the officer on the 2500 block of Caroline and right after that was when the officer was punched in the face. Less fled, and after running completely THROUGH a house on Taber Street, he tried to jump OVER a waiting patrol car. He (instead) fell on top of the car and was then tackled by officers. Charges were dealing cocaine within 1,000 of a park, resisting, and battery.
Well done, officers.
Mr. Lee is now a "guest" of the ACL, being held in lieu of $53,000 bail
**A man was robbed at gunpoint while sitting at a traffic light on the city's (all together now, gang)...SOUTH SIDE Sunday. The victim left an event on New Haven Avenue and was waiting at the intersection of Calhoun and Creighton where several men surrounded the car. One of them pulled a gun and demanded money. When the driver said he had none, the men opened the door and climbed into the car.
The driver was struck in the head and forced to drive to West Creighton Avenue. it was then the driver told the men they could find money in the trunk of his car, and then fled as they rifled through the trunk. The driver was taken to the hospital after he spoke to police and the car was towed to collect evidence (according to the police report).
**A Fort Wayne man face EIGHT counts of FELONY DEALING COCAINE after a lengthy police investigation.
Tyrell D. Hollins, 23 of the 2900 block of Monroe St (on the SOUTH side) was arrested Tuesday night. Hollins sold cocaine to U/C officers at least 8 times. When he was busted around 2230 hrs on Tuesday near Monroe and McKinnie, Hollins had some cocaine stuffed in his underwear (ewww....nasty boy). Police also found marijuana in his vehicle and found $4,800 in cash (a little too much chump-change to be carrying around, don'cha think?) when he was arrested for cocaine possession and marijuana possession (along with the dealing charge).
Mr. Hollins is ALSO now a "guest" of the ACL, being held in lieu of $402,500 bail.
Again...well done.
Now I don't know about YOU, but stuff like this just puts a nice big GRIN on my aging face, especially after watching an hour of VICE COPS-UNCUT last night on SPIKE channel.
I would wager that somewhere along the way, someone dropped some "tip" and it happened to find it's way to the RIGHT person. Even if it's just some "suspicious behavior" thing. In today's world, on our city streets, there comes a time when what you SEE (and sometimes what you HEAR) isn't what is considered NORMAL. So you do what anyone who values one's sanity, reason, or quality of life...you get involved. It doesn't have to be overt. it can be done "off the cuff", and anonymously.
Many times, it is the actions of just ONE person, doing what is just for everyone that DOES make all the difference. It sends the message that people are fed up with behavior like the aforementioned items. people want to live their lives, and not merely survive each day they're alive.
For many people, the American Dream means just being able to live on a street where they choose, in a house they have invested in, and not be assaulted, intimidated, or even bothered by the "wrong" element.
And that, in and of itself, doesn't seem ALL too much to ask, does it?


Phil Marx said...

If my hunch is correct, the guy that was arrested here is the same one who once threatened to "take down" my house. He's also the same one who I called FWPD about to report that he was in the process of buying a gun on the street.

Wouldn't it have been ironic, since FWPD appears to have taken no action on that, if today we were reading about an officer being shot instead of punched. And I'm sure Chief York would be telling us once again that it's our fault that such crime exists, because we won't talk to them (FWPD).

Bob, you're a pretty handy guy. Any way to get the full middle name of the Robert D. Lee that was arrested.

Bobby G. said...

Unless the media discloses it, or you know someone that can snoop the PD reports, I don't really know.


(will keep trying)

Phil Marx said...

Actually, I just spoke with a reporter that I know. He did not have the middle name, but he did give me the person's DOB and home address. This information further confirms who I already thought it was.

Bobby G. said...

WTG, Phil...
One down...too many more to go.
Any guesses as to who the NEXT perp will be?
I have to admit that it was a good sting op.
Now if ONLY this were implemented about a DECADE SOONER, eh?