29 August 2008

Friday Follies...
When it comes to politics, I prefer to leave it to the politicians. But there does come a time when you can't sit by and watch things unfold.
You see what we have for choices this election year, and to be honest, it's like paying up front for a 5 course meal, and winding up with a Big Mac and small fries.
It's not quite what I was expecting for my hard-earned dollar.
Personally, I don't have one single problem with having a person of color leading our nation, but he would have to be the RIGHT person...period. I just don't think Mr. Obama is that person.
And it's not just the vacillation. After a time, I'm sure we ALL get used to hearing this from most every politician. On Monday, they might be FOR something,Tuesday, they're AGAINST it, and by Friday, even THEY don't know where they stand. Yeah, I've heard it all before.
It's sad that there IS one candidate out there, that very few know about. And he had to leave his party to champion the cause of America (not his agenda) to make a run this year.
If the name ALAN KEYES sounds familiar, it should.
He ran in both the 1996 presidential race and the 2000 race. He's a former ambassador, and has a list of REAL (and impressive) credentials a block long. But I'll let you read this for yourselves.
Here's the WIKI link:


And if you Google his name, you'll find his website for the 2008 presidential run.
He's running on the AMERICAN INDEPENDENT PARTY ticket, and was all but shut out of most EVERY primary during this election race. So much for having someone speaking the TRUTH on our airwaves, instead of the MSM tripe.
If there IS one black man that could honestly lead this nation, I think Mr. Keyes has the best shot at it.
Trouble is, he will probably not even come close to getting that shot.
And that's a shame for America.
I believe Keyes has the ethics, the morality, and a damn good game plan to get America back where it belongs, namely being a true world leader, and not just in name.
Here is a man who will not compromise his values, his beliefs and will stay that course.
But we will never find all this out, will we?
We're too busy with Obamamania to be bothered. And while John McCain has a laudable record in politics, I still wonder about the efficacy of his administration, should he be elected. He might surprise me, and that would indeed be nice.
Sadly, Mr. Keyes suffers from another BIAS, and that alone is enough to keep him out of current political limelight. He's not that tall. He's slightly under the average height for American males (around 5'9"), and everyone (mistakenly) knows that a smaller man MUST have a smaller brain. Well, that's wrong to even suggest that, but the media doesn't really LIKE "less than tall" candidates. Look at Dukakis. Hell, look at Truman.
People falsely feel that having a man of "stature" somehow ENSURES that this nation is being led by the RIGHT person. We're a great nation, and we need our leader to be great in height.
This happens to be the case, like it or not. And it's not just in politics. This bias goes down the ladder into the private sector. Taller men will usually get the raises, the pretty women, the "perks" that life has to offer, and all because they "fit the criteria" of what successful people "should" be.
Tell that to Henry Ford..or Napoleon...or Hirohito...or James Madison.
Seems you can't have politics without...well, internal politics driving the external politics.
A vicious cycle to be sure.
But it's not like this nation wants to embrace any more political parties...or even recognize them for that matter. Now I'm not saying we have debates with the FASCIST party, or the COMMUNISTS, but if there ARE other choices out there that espouse the core values of this nation (and what made it great), and are willing to get this nation ON TRACK again, then by all means, GIVE THEM A VOICE.
The current political system today is like the "good old buys" club. If you're not of one party or the other, you're not going to receive the time, finances, attention, or coverage the other two will.
You "might" get a footnote once in a while on some late night newscast, but that's about it.
And that, to me, says much about where we stand as a nation.
We are fed doctrine that tells us to embrace diversity, and yet we deny those of other political parties that have a VALID interest in seeing this country THRIVE the chance to air their vies.
As a people, we claim the "right of choice", but are never given ALL the choices when it comes to politics.
I would say there is a high level of duplicity at work here. Say one thing...do another.
But, all politics aside, one has to admit that the election process, as the MSM covers it TODAY is, if nothing else...entertaining.
And that's what Americans WANT; to be entertained.
Damn shame our NEEDS aren't being met in that process.
Now THAT would be very entertaining, and on all the right levels.
OK, I'm finished.
I'll get off of my soapbox...for now.
In the meantime...
Do have a safe Labor Day weekend.


Jana said...

What do you think of McCain's VP pick? Looks like she has her head set on her shoulders VERY well.

I think this choice has clinched my vote for him.

Also, at the beginning of the year I was rarin' to go to vote Independent, even to the point of putting MY OWN NAME on the ballot for President (yeah, I was THAT unimpressed), but now I'm a-votin' Republican.

Alan Keyes would make a FANTASTIC president! I wish that the US would change it's two-party system. While I'm registered as Republican, more choices and options are always appreciated.


Bobby G. said...

I think Sarah Palin is HOT...!
But that's got nothing to do w/ politics.
PLUS, the girl can FISH!
Not a bad choice for "veep".

We really don't have a strict 2 party system, as any other party "can" have a shot at any govermental position.

It's the MEDIA that drives the TWO PARTIES we've all come to know (all too well, I might add).

Look at how the Libertarians, and the Indepedents were "represented" during the initial debates...they WERE NOT, and I checked...they both DO have GOOD candidates.

They just don't have all the "shine and shinola" needed to become a VIABLE candidate in the media's eyes.
We (as the American people) DO have to be entertained, after all.