25 August 2008

Monday Musings...
OK, so the Beijing (heavy on the "J") Olympics are over, records were broken, medals were won, and the Chinese put on one helluva show for the world. Obama picked Joe Biden as his "attack dog", I mean RUNNING MATE for the 2008 presidential race, and we learned that leopard sharks are perfectly OK to wade among.
So how do we top those?
Glad you asked.
It was TWO YEARS AGO today that I first put finger to keyboard on THIS blog.
And in all that time, we've talked about everything from politics (local to global), technologies (successes and failures), my neighborhood (and there is always plenty to rag on about that), humanity (and the ones that have resigned from being human), law-enforcement (the ups AND downs), along with a plethora of oddities and life's vicissitudes.
Now I can truthfully say that my birthday last week, was basically "just another year gone by", and I could say the same about this blog.
But I have to applaud those of you who have urged me to create this blog. Without you people (OK, BOTH of you people, and you KNOW who you are), I'd be just another commenter on someone else's blog (which I am as well).
I also have to applaud you readers who take a few moments in your world to peruse my ramblings...good, bad, or indifferent. Many days, just knowing you are all out there and will somehow find your way to this blog makes the journey (for me) worthwhile. Besides, I have to find SOME manner to work off my AM caffeine jag...LOL!
And I have to applaud those of you who take even more time to COMMENT.
Many times, even I might miss a POV that you bring to this table. And I appreciate that. It helps ME to learn, to understand, to comprehend with a clarity I would never come to enjoy.
It doesn't matter to me if your comment is nothing but an "attaboy", or a diatribe on the topic I've chosen. YOU fuel the fire of reason. YOU stoke the embers of apathy. YOU fan the flames of passion.
And it is YOU that drive this blog.
When I choose a topic, it's motivated by what I feel the "John & Jane Everyman" would want to read about. Many times, I can imagine you sitting at your keyboards, reading the day's post and going: "Damn right...yeah, that's what I think too". Other times, I just want to keep it light and humorous, just so we don't get "all too serious" about everything.
You have to admit that the innocence we enjoyed as young children tends to get shoved in the corner with the rest of the stuffed animals and imaginary friends after a fashion. I'd like to think every one of us still retains that quality...it's just that we've long since forgotten it's available to us.
We live in an ever-changing world moving at a break-neck pace, and what I attempt to do here is nothing short of providing a "rose", if you will, for you to stop and smell. This isn't the world of 50 years ago, nor is it the world of even 20 years ago. All of us are here for the long haul.
So if you need a small respite from the hectic world around you, here can be found an oasis of truth, of reason, and once in a while, of humor.
So here's to ALL of you with my sincerest thanks.
Thank you all for the support and the feedback over these past two years. It's been a great ride thus far.
Here's to at least TWO more...!
Catch you on the flip side!


Jana said...




Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog.
It reminds me of a quote a dear friend shared, "Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave
-well preserved-but rather, to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy Cow, what a Ride!"

Happy Birthday to You & to
PA-IN Erudition Blog!


Bobby G. said...


I love that quote.
I might have it etched onto my tombstone (not the pizza)!