22 August 2008

They Say It's Your Birthday...
So what does it matter?
Well, not all that much, really.
It's not like you look forward to them in the manner you grew up with, is it?
When you get to my age (56, by the way) you have this tendency to view every birthday not so much as another pinnacle to hoist, but rather another sigh of relief.
You've beaten the odds for another year.
As for the lowdown on today, here's the WIKI link:

And some tidbits of info:

When we were young, we celebrated with a party, cake, decorations, friends, presents, and that beaming look of admiration from our parents that "our little boy (or girl) is getting older"...growing up, if you will; becoming more mature.
Today, my birthday will consist of adding a rather stout dose of Chivas Regal to my morning coffee (already accomplished), and then doing this blog. After that, I will go around the house watering the plants (it's going to be hot today), and since the cats have already been fed and the missus has been safely seen off to work, probably spend the balance of the day wondering HOW the hell I got to this place in time.

Yeah, it's pretty much a philosophical journey for me today. I tend to do that, as does everyone else that is over fifty and is part of the "huddled masses". Celebs don't worry about such trifles, and I'm good with that. This is something best left to those that have the intestinal fortitude to THINK...to REASON, and to WONDER.
The good thing is that later today, my "birthday dinner" will arrive, consisting of some delicious Chinese food. That's right, we're getting the take-out!
Now, you have to realize that this is what I WANTED to have for my birthday.
As to the cake?
We'll have to wait and see on that. I mean I just cannot simply nip over to Haegerle's Bakery in Mayfair (Philly) and grab me that black forest whipped cream cake now, can I? Nor can I have some of my mom's fried chicken for dinner, or even her roast beef (Dad's favorite).
They've both long since passed on, and I'm left to my "own" devices for celebratory eats. Same goes for friends...not all that many to "celebrate" with these days, save for a very few. Many miles keep those few apart from me, but they do keep in touch.
My wife does OK with the celebratory gig (thank the maker we have each other), plus, I've learned to "adapt" over time. For example, we could have gone out for dinner, but there's not many places here that I feel really comfortable with, and it's not because of their food. I have my own reasons.
Much of it has to do with the surroundings.
In some respects I'm like a stranger living in a strange land.
As we get older, we tend to remember what we HAD, rather than what we HAVE. That does not diminish what we have, but rather validates it. We cherish those good times, and even celebrate our victories over the bad times in the process.
It is indeed, a time for reflection.
And so it will be again this year. Many would seem to feel this is more a pity party than a birthday party, and if they DO feel that way, fine. A lack of understanding does that to people. I do what I do to survive, as should we all.
People say you can't have the past back, and in some ways, they're correct. I don't have a time machine to "revisit" all the great times from years past, and even if I did, I'd probably have a few better trips in mind than watching my 10th birthday all over again, no matter how much fun it was.
Still, it IS nice to reflect, and to remember. It does one well to recall good memories. As long as we came away from those times a better person, it doesn't matter how often we choose to revisit them.
Like many people say: "It's just another year", and in some ways, it is just that.
The question then becomes: What have we made OF that year?, and what will we make of the NEXT year spread before us? Will we be able to come back this time NEXT year and reflect on that? Will fate or our creator step in and decide otherwise? Will we be challenged in ways we never thought of, and will we be up TO that challenge?
It's things like these you find yourself wondering about, if you have half a brain in that noggin of yours.
Every day is precious in it's own right, and not for the sake of reaching another birthday, or anniversary, or holiday. Life is to be extolled, and not used up arbitrarily like some gallon of fuel on some joyride.
I may not celebrate every day of life I've been receiving, but I DO acknowledge it, and I DO appreciate it. Good, bad, or indifferent, I'm on this roller coaster called LIFE until the ride comes to a complete stop. As are we all.
And despite the bumps, bruises, ups , down, and jostling I might have received along the way, it's still the best ride for the money.
Life IS the adventure...the challenge, and I will see it through to whatever end awaits, and whatever time I have left to me.
That reminds me, I should get some LIFE cereal this weekend...I like LIFE.
So remember, no matter what life decides to throw at you, the best thing YOU can do is know HOW TO CATCH!
(nyuk, nyuk, nyuk)
Do have a SAFE weekend.


Fetcho said...

Either way, Have a good one and try to enojy it!!!

btw, Bob drop me an email. I tried to send you one via the AOL address you comment with, and it got returned.

fetcho(*at*) gmail.com

Bobby G. said...

Roger that on the b'day wishes!
...will comply!

And I'll be dropping an email atcha real soon (and the blocks will be removed)

Thanks again.


Jana said...

Happy Birthday B, and many wishes for many more!


Bobby G. said...

Many more?
(makes me wish I were 15 again)
I'm gonna have to work on that...and get back to 'ya...lol!



Jim Wetzel said...

Well, Mr. G., there's probably not many things we'll ever agree about. But one such thing is your choice of 22 August as a birthday. So, as of yesterday: happy birthday to us!

By the way, we're pretty much the same age, too. You beat me out by a couple of years. When you were 6 and I was 4, that was a lot; but now ... not so much, I guess.

Bobby G. said...

Thanks for your comment.
As to anything else we might, or might not agree on....well, as Chuck Berry used to sing:
"Cest la vie say the old folks...it goes to show you never can tell"!


Happy B'day to you as well.