05 September 2008

Friday Follies...
As we bask in this marvelous rainy weather (did I just say that?), let's have a look at what else has been going on.
--While watching last night's acceptance speech of John McCain as the GOP nominee for President, I have to admit that hearing him speak was like the old days of "stump-thumping" campaigns.
If it was meant to motivate, then by God, many Americans will say: "Mission Accomplished".
The speech was evocative of the newsreels of Teddy Roosevelt (imho), and I feel was channeled towards sheer patriotism. And there's nothing wrong with that, is there? McCain did an admirable job of delivering a speech that gave me a renewed sense of pride in our nation.
Now I know that this is what the speech was designed to do, but aside from that, it showed me that ordinary people can still be challenged by extraordinary circumstances, and come out a better person on the other side.
It's people that can make a difference, often by one lone person at a time.
But I've believed that for YEARS.
Still, it was good to hear someone ELSE know that this is the way things get done, and the way change for the better can be achieved for all people in America.
John's rhetoric was far from empty, and I look forward to this election more than many from the past.
One thing is certain, it WILL be nothing, if not interesting.
In other news...
The FWPD have been VERY busy these past 48 hours.
-- A little after 0353 hrs this morning, Police were (once again) called to the B.P. station at S. Anthony Blvd and McKinnie St. for a TRIPLE SHOOTING. Two men were found with gunshot wounds about a block away, in the 4100 block of Lillie Street. They were transported to a local hospital in good condition.
A third man called police to say he had been shot and was being transported to a hospital. He was later listed in serious condition.
Investigators believe the men were in the gas station parking lot when shots were fired from the YA BOY chicken joint parking lot across the street.
The names of the victims are being withheld, pending family notification.
No suspects were arrested yet, and the investigation scene is still fresh (lots of yellow tape). More black on black crime on the SOUTH side of town aka "bid'ness as usual".
And WTF are these people doing hanging out at 4AM anyway???
Funny thing, this intersection has been a "hot spot" over the past several months, and there have been a plethora of traffic stops all along Rudisill and McKinnie Sts in an apparent effort to stem the tide of crime.
You're going to need a LOT more "buckets" to stem THIS "tide", people.
--Around 1751 hrs on Thursday, police were called to 2715 Stardale Drive (where else but on the SOUTH side) to help EMS with a possible battery vic. The woman was breathing, but not conscious. She was not wearing any clothes, but had bruises on her body.
The woman was taken to hospital in critical condition, as detectives and crime-scene officers tracked back to the TWIN OAKS apartments where she lived (you remember THIS place...another hot spot of crime). The woman is in her 40s and is suffering from brain and stomach cancer, and had been in remission before recently recurring.
Investigators currently have no suspects.
--Around 1100 hrs, the ACSD was serving an arrest warrant on Christopher Washington at a home in the 4900 block of Gaywood St. (on...you guessed it, the SOUTH side).
He already had TWO outstanding warrants (and that's the GOOD kind of outstanding) for failure to appear in court for invasion of privacy charges along with a warrant for body attachment (owing $1,300 to family court).
Wait for it...it gets better.
The good part comes when he took off running from the house, where he attempted to book across Pettit Avenue.
A REAL bad idea.
Seemed he was struck by a passing female motorist in her Cadillac (a certain level of irony comes to mind here). You see, hardly ANYONE works around here, so they have ALL day to drive the hell around, ergo, more chances to get hit while crossing a street. That's when they're not WALKING down the MIDDLE of that street themselves (where I can hit THEM).
Talk about being at the right place at the right time.
Washington was taken to hospital in critical condition, but was later upgraded to serious condition (and is probably still cuffed to the bed as well).
Guess those expensive athletic shoes didn't help all that much. Besides, didn't "yo mama" ever teach to LOOK BOTH WAYS before crossing a street, Chris?
--Fort Wayne officials condemned a SOUTH-side car wash after police raided the business, saying it had ties to gangs and drugs (nice job).
Millennium Carwash, located at 517 E. Oxford St. was being used for dealing drugs, and that weapons were being stashed there, according to narcotics detectives' evidence. Police also said that this location is a KNOWN hangout for gang members. The EST (SWAT) served a warrant around 1935 hrs Wednesday at the business, and found 7 adults, one "juvey", a handgun, a small amount of marijuana, and packaging materials for SELLING marijuana.
NCE (Neighborhood Code Enforcement) condemned the building, and three were arrested on misdemeanor charges. A fourth person was arrested for an outstanding warrant from Allen County Superior Court's Family Relations Division.
The business owner, a Mr. Derek L. Taylor, was arrested during a traffic stop, according to police. Taylor, 32, of the 3200 block of Central Drive is looking at an initial felony charge of marijuana possession (wonder if he's the guy with the white 2000 Taurus- IN plate EC2064- that carries that plastic-wrapped "bundle" under the hood of his car?)..bad boy.
--A Fort Wayne man, Brian Moore, Jr., 19, of the 2900 block of Hoagland Avenue (again...on the SOUTH side) was accused of cashing or trying to cash 11 YMCA payroll checks in August, and faces 20 criminal charges.
The YMCA checks were forged, according to a probable cause affidavit.
Moore is currently a "guest" of the Allen County lockup and being held without bail. He also faces charges of burglary and several receiving stolen property charges.
Again...WELL DONE...everyone! Nice to see some good, solid police work!
Damn shame we have so MUCH crime in my part of town, though. That needs to change...and soon.
Still, more could be done, and it could have been done with more willingness of the FWPD to develop MORE citizen "eyes and ears" out there. We're too few in number, and tend to be summarily blown off sometimes, and that alone can be more frustrating than the crime permeating our streets down here. It's little wonder that good neighborhoods have become bad over time, when many good neighbors and citizens up and leave, due to flourishing criminal activity.
We could reverse this trend, but it won't happen overnight. Crime already has it's foot in the door, so to speak. Our job, as the citizens of this city, along with persistent police presence and diligence, is to make sure that this unwanted visitor not only gets his foot OUT of that door, but is made to understand that he's no longer welcome in this area.
Then, and ONLY then, will these once nice neighborhoods be able to be reclaimed for the decent people of this city...NOT before.
And with that thought, I wish all of you a SAFE Weekend.

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