04 September 2008

We Finally Had Rain...
What the hell was that liquid falling from the sky last evening?
Could it really be...RAIN?
My God, it WAS rain...and a fairly decent amount. Out by Getz Rd. and Jefferson Blvd., they had FLOODING (must be all that construction).
Honest to goodness FLOODING...and it was only a little rain, not some deluge worthy of the Gulf Coast. Methinks there still needs to be some "tweaking" done with the whole "flood plain" problems in this city.
Aside from that, I spent some of last night in front of the TV (watching...ugh...politics).
***Most of you know I'm not really into politics (and have gone on record here many times saying as much), but when I watched the GOP Convention last night, I didn't have that (usual) sense that the first syllable of the word CONVENTION was being perpetrated on me. Former NYC mayor, Rudy Giuliani had a damn fine speech (read routine), and I caught myself laughing more than a few times.
Nice job, Rudy.
I'm very cynical when it comes to politicians (with very few exceptions), and am wary as all get out whenever I hear someone from ANY political party say that "they" will make "my" life better (I'm still waiting on that one). I tend to gravitate towards the "Jerry McGuire" philosophy vis-a-vis "Show Me the Money". I want them to provide some substance behind the words I'm hearing from them. And I don't think that's too much to ask. A little integrity...a little ethical behavior...a little honesty.
These are traits that I believe EVERY person possesses. Whether they choose to USE them is quite the other matter.
Well, I wanted to watch the VP candidate, Sarah Palin take the podium and convince me.
I have to say, I wasn't disappointed.
It's been quite some time since I have heard ANY political candidate talk with such purpose. It was refreshing to see a former "soccer mom" talk to the American people as ONE OF THEM. None of this elitist crap, this disconnect with the common man or woman, just plain old straight talk, shooting from the hip, as it were.
Now, like any candidate, there are many promises made, and probably just as many broken after the fact, but if someone is never given a chance to at least attempt to fulfill those promises, how can we say, with good conscience, that this candidate, or ANY candidate for that matter was provided the "fair shake" on those promises?
Is John McCain the "best" candidate for president? Given that he doesn't seem to pander to the "status quo" in the Washington circle is a plus, but it's also a hard row to hoe. What works FOR him could also work against him, considering the grand scheme of things, as well as the way Washington tends to "play".
Is Sarah Palin the best choice for VP?
As far as actual "executive" experience, I'd have to say yes. It appears that she stands her ground and doesn't back off when someone whose reproductive organs are externally located (like Big Oil) decides to challenge her, and I admire that. She runs one of a few states in the union that currently has a budget SURPLUS, and with ALL that territory and less than a million citizens, that simply cannot be an easy task.
She appears to be a good wife, a good parent, and a good American, and would compliment McCain to no small end. And, as I stated on other blogs, she's not all that bad on these old eyes.
I believe it's a good blend for this nation.
***Next, as I blogged yesterday, the FWPD is cracking down on these scooters being driven illegally around town. Chief Rusty York went on TV to explain how the problem will be addressed in a 3-part program.
--Part One will be EDUCATION
(good luck with that, Rus). People will be instructed on what TYPE of scooter/moped they own, and where to find the information (anyone check the manual that came WITH the damn thing?) in the event they are stopped.
--Part Two will be a "stop and tow" consisting of people being pulled over and if the proper paperwork is lacking (license & registration for scooters over 50cc and can go over 25 MPH), then the bike will be taken to impound. Also, pertinent helmet issues will be addressed for teens driving or riding on them. No citation will be issued and the bike will be returned after proper paperwork is provided. I'll wager the impound will CHARGE a storage fee (count on that).
--Part three will be the "stop, tow, and cite". This will most likely occur after a second stop, or after a reasonable time has passed for the "education" aspect (that would be when everyone has had a chance to LEARN what type of bike they actually have). This WILL cost you up to $150, depending on circumstances, and the vehicle will wind up in impound, with a daily charge assessed.
I do hope that some provision is made for all these "pocket bikes" that I've seen as well. They're just unsafe period, and belong under some clown in the sideshow tent. Same goes for go-karts, home-built minibikes, and the like.
I think it's a good idea, and hopefully, we won't see issues arise based on false accusations when this is implemented. It makes the streets safer for everyone.
After all, the last thing anyone needs is to have to scrape some dumb-ass scooter and driver from the underside of their vehicle because that idiot was playing chicken with fate as well as some 3800 lb. SUV when he decided to cut in front of it and lost the game of PHYSICS big time.
Some things we're just not meant to do in life.
That would be one of them
Don't forget - trash pickup is ONE DAY LATE, due to the Monday holiday.
So STICK OUT YOUR CAN on the RIGHT day, kapesh?


Phil Marx said...

Normal people will sometimes admit not only to their own mistakes, but that people on the other side of the issue were sometimes right. The problem with the political process is that is factors out such people. The onl ones left are those who can shoot hyperbole and outright lies, without even blushing or batting an eye.

Regarding Palin, I think she comes across well in many areas, and does have a lot of strengths to offer the ticket. But her speach was not completely honest. As Mike Sylvester pointed out on his blog, Obama's tax plan will increase taxes on the richest 5% of Americans, but Palin posited this as though it were to be across the board.

I think what this country really needs is to get rid of all the politicians. Call it anarchy if you wish, but it would probably be better than what we currently have. Of course to successfully undertake such an effort will require that we organize. And since this would actually be a political act, the problem with implementing my plan is becoming apparent.

Bobby G. said...

Kind of a perfect "Catch-22", eh, Phil?

You want to have honest to God REAL change for the better, and for EVERYONE, but...in that process, you don't want to become what you have supplanted in the first place.

I hear you, man.

It's a very "sticky wicket".


Phil Marx said...

Did you ever see "The Candidate" with Robert Redford running for political office?

All this talk of change is really being overplayed. If history is any indicator, whoever becomes our next President will probably have a lot of opposition from Congress.

Compared to many other countries, our system really is geared to allow change. In just six years time, you could replace every executive and legistor at both the federal and national level.

Remember Jimmy Carter? He went in there naively thinking he was going to end politics as usual. And he received a lot of opposition, often from members of his own party.

Bobby G. said...

What I've noticed over the last few decades is that if any President has an opposing party-controlled Congress, he's basically oboned from the get-go.
he can do NO right.
With a like party-controlled Congress, it's a bit easier, but nota slam dunk by ANY means.

And most of any opposition is there ONLY to oppose, period, with little consideration as to whether right is right.
And change is good, as long as it's not "change for change sake". alone.

BOTH parties HAVE got to work in concert for THE PEOPLE...it's there in the Constitution.
It's why we broke ranks with England in the first place, and if these politicos could figure that much out, we, as a nation of PEOPLE would all be better off for it.
(And I won't even get into the special interest groups and corporate manipulation of the nation...that's another post for another time).

You're right about Carter...talk about ON THE JOB TRAINING!