19 September 2008

Friday Follies...
You can certainly tell that summer is ending, with such a wonderfully crisp feel in the air today.
And as much as I enjoy gardening, Fall, along with Spring are my two best times of the years for reasons I'll share at a later time.
In the meantime...on to the "good" stuff!
-- FWPD officer involved in car crash.
This happened yesterday around 1615 hrs. along Pettit Ave at the intersection with Holton Avenue (another nearby location for yours truly).
Officer Larry Richardson was driving EAST on Pettit when he attempted to make a left turn onto Holton.
Problem is...he didn't see the Dodge Avenger heading WEST on Pettit. And the laws of PHYSICS were working just fine.
The police cruiser collided with the Avenger's driver's side, and well, basically, both cars are pretty much TOAST.
Since both cars are front-wheel drive, you know how that plays out. Both vehicles will need an entire front clip (if insurance deems them even worthy to rebuild).
A 15-year old witness said that neither hit their brakes prior to the collision. Lights and sirens were not on.
Minor injuries were sustained by both the officer and the driver of the other car.
Police PIO did not know whether Officer Richardson had been wearing a seatbelt (oops, again).
Another person who heard the crash, Bryson Underwood, 17, had been sleeping (at FOUR in the afternoon? Musta been a hard day at school...if he even WENT to school) in his home near the corner when he was awakened by the sound. Funny, wasn't loud enough for ME to hear it...then again, I wasn't "sleeping". I was just on the scanner.
--A house in the 400 block of West Williams St. was raided by the Allen County SWAT Tuesday, where they found a dinner plate containing 135 grams of cocaine. The team was serving a warrant for Shawn Kennedy, 30, on charges of driving w/ a suspended license and violation of probation (I guess the cocaine will help with that violation gig to no small end). He's now a "guest" of the Allen County Jail and no bond being posted.
--A POUND of pot was found in a house on Fort Wayne's NE side (told 'ya crime was comin' to you people) where officers were serving a warrant there. The officers observed suspicious activity at the house on 4900 Reed Rd. on 10 September, and called the Drug task Force to issue a search warrant for the premises. Sterling Hall, 34, has been charged with dealing and is also a guest of the lockup with a $10K bond hanging over his head.
--A house was raided on the (you know what part of town we haven't mentioned yet,. right?) SOUTHEAST side Wednesday, after several U/C purchases were made at the residence on the 1500 block of E. Pettit Ave. Officers also found a stolen moped (or is that a scooter???) and a stash of pills believed to be ECSTASY. Officers also found cash and marijuana (big surprise there). Several people there are expected to become "guests" of the Allen County Jail quite soon.
--Just west of the city, a house was raided by the Drug Task Force and SWAT on 11 September. A suspect on federal probation for selling drugs was...(what else?) selling drugs, and was charged with selling 3 grams of cocaine. Juan Sosa, 40, had delivered 9 grams to a C.I. He is an Allen County Jail "guest" as well with a $50K bond over his head. Wait until the feds get their mitts on him.
--Two gunmen robbed a man of his laptop in the parking lot of the Appleglen Wal-Mart Tuesday at 0300 hours. (WTF???)
Seems the man was listening to MUSIC on the laptop with two friends, when a man walked up to him, took the laptop, then headed for a car.
When the victim tried to retrieve the laptop, the man drew what "appeared to be a Glock 19".
It was later discovered that a Wal-Mart employee found surveillance video that showed one of the suspects had gone behind a counter where two black pellet guns that LOOK like Glock 19s were taken.
The laptop was worth around $530.
Not a bad haul for a stolen fake pellet pistol.
Makes me wonder HOW THE HELL the pellet guns were lifted from Wal-mart in the first place?
Where was THEIR security, hmm?

Lastly, in a related posting (here) this week about stolen police badges, a man has been implicated in that series of car thefts which included those stolen shields.
Robert N. Tubbs III, 18, has been charged with three counts of receiving stolen property.
Tubbs, who is listed as "homeless" (to protect the guilty, no doubt) was with Latasha M. Becerra, also 18, when she was pulled over by new haven police in July.
I mentioned the items officers found in her vehicle, as well as the badges. Tubbs has not been arrested.
Um....might I ask WHY THE F$CK NOT?
Oh, must be they can't go "to his house" to get him...nice way to get off the hook, Mr. Tubbs. I have to remember that one.
So there you go.
All the news that's "print to fit", as it were.

Now...get out there and take in the great weather!
The local Johnny Appleseed Festival is this weekend.
Have an apple..name a baseball team (LOL).

Enjoy yourselves.
And always....Stay SAFE out there, kapeesh?


Phil Marx said...

Great news post, Bobby. I wouldn't be surprised if "A local newspaper" starts copying you and doing the same. You know, they do read the blogs.

Jana said...

I just had an idea pop into my head!

Make ALL drugs legal. Yet, have them regulated by being bought in certain types of stores (hmm, couldn't call them DRUG stores; have to think of something else) like they do liquor stores.

Now, here's the BEST part (at least to me):

People who buy the drugs must sign a form that states that if for any reason they take too much drugs and screw up, there will be a penalty if they are caught.

In other words, if they end up in hospital, miss work, neglect their children, kill someone, etc, while being on the drugs, they either pay a heavy fine or go to the slammer.

My idea has some holes, of course (when does any fresh idea don't?), but me thinks that this will lower the amount of "drug lords" dramatically. And, maybe get some people not to over-do it on the drugs because of the consequences involved.

And yeah, I know there will be people who will shoplift, rob the places, etc, but that happens to ANY kind of store.


The weather is cooling off here in Georgia too. The leaves are still green, but in the early morning it's almost jacket-wearing weather and you can smell autumn on the wind!



Bobby G. said...

I've been copying THEM...just with a bit more "grit" and panache' (oh, and truth).

Sounds something like MY idea...just GIVE these druggies ALL they can handle, herd them into a stadium (any stadium) and charge admission to everyone else.
Then, let all the druggies have at it...
When they've killed each other, bring in the bulldozer, push them out...and let the NEXT group in.

If it sounds a bit like Gladitorial combat...fine with me.

We get rid of the druggies, use up the drugs,get some biodegradable landfill/fertilizer, and the cities get ALL this money from the box office.

Everybody wins on this one.



Phil Marx said...


I largely agree with your idea. First of all, I am very Libertarian when it comes to issues of lifestyle choices. I think adults should be able to do pretty much whatever they wish, so long as they are forced to suffer the consequences of their poor choices (rather than being able to force it onto others.)

But the main reason I support this view for drugs is that the current policy simply does not work. The only people who want to do drugs, but are stopped from doing so under the law, are those who are imprisoned. So how can we really say this has helped them or society?

I suppose the major potential flaw to explore here is whether such circumstances would increase the ability of children to get access to drugs. I know some will say that if it is as readily available as the local store, then it will be more accessible. But the truth is, I think drugs (even hard drugs) are easily accesible by anyone who really wants them now.

By the way, Jana, all this time I thought you lived right here in the Fort.

Phil Marx said...

Bobby G;

Truth? - In the local newspapers? Sounds like a novel concept, but it really would interfere with their main mission of indroctination.

Bobby G. said...

I was speaking "hypothetically", of course...(or was that metaphorically?)

Yeah, I'm an idealist who happens to be CYNICAL as well...!

Whatta combination, eh?

Many would say I live in my own litle world...but that's OK...everyone THERE knows my name...AND listens to me most of the time...LOL!