18 September 2008

Believe It...Or Else...
When it comes to situations that deviate as far from normal as EAST is from WEST, this part of Fort Wayne has no equal.
**Our latest homicide (number 20 for those with betting pools at work) was a beating death of a 3 year old boy on (where else, gang?)...the SOUTH SIDE of the city.
An African man (native of Chad) is accused of the death of his girlfriend's son.
Abdallah Goroumi, 29 was arrested and booked into the Allen County lockup Wednesday.
According to police, the boy, Javon LaWayne Southall, of 233 W. Pontiac St., was under the care of this (poor, oppressed) "gentleman", when he was battered into unconsciousness Tuesday.
Now I don't know about YOU, but I wonder about about the state of "child care" in the nation of Chad at this point.
And perhaps Javon's mother might decide to pick her "boyfriends" a lot more carefully in the future. But I wouldn't worry about Javion's mom too much. Many of these women somehow manage to get a "replacement" for any lost offspring, and if they're fortunate enough to already have several more at hand (which many often do), then it's just a brief "entitlement" loss...easily remedied in nine more months.
I know...I've seen it time and again.
An autopsy to Javon showed a subdural hematoma due to blunt force trauma. This type of hematoma basically allows blood to fill and pool between the areas of the brain and it's outer covering, causing cessation of life, if the pressure is not relieved.
If convicted, Goroumi could face up to 55 years in jail, but since he is a citizen of Chad, he "could" wind up JUST being deported if the government of Chad raises a stink (and don't think the defense attorney, probably supplied and funded by his home nation's embassy, isn't thinking about that already).This guy might get off scott-free. I hope he doesn't.
It's interesting to note that EVERY ONE of the 20 homicides (so far) this year has been IN Fort Wayne...and we're not finished yet by any stretch of the imagination.
Now...if that isn't weird enough, how about this?
**Tuesday night around 2018 Hrs, a call was placed to FWPD dispatch for a code *58* - shooting (4700 block Warsaw St).
Now that's not too far from the grounds of our palatial estate (he said with tongue in cheek), and in fact, I could see the swirling lights from the responding vehicles. Funny thing about this...neither my wife nor I HEARD ANY SHOTS...and believe me, we DO hear shots, and fireworks, and argumentative assholes, and loud mufflers, and boomcars, and barking dogs (and all too frequently for any normal person)...so we're used to what we "should" be hearing as well as what we should not. Hell, I can even tell you WHAT CALIBER the shots are when they go off.
So I went outside to do a quick "reccy" to scope out WTH was going on.
I did see an ambulance and a fire engine (they left very early, and were NOT in ANY hurry), but it didn't look like anyone was loaded into the meat wagon. There were about 5-6 FWPD cars (two were plain wrappers, including the all black "Batmobile" Impala), and officers had their MAGLITES out looking all over the place (but apparently finding nothing). A few of the patrol cars circled the block once and came back to the house. Didn't see any K-9 unit, and they could have had one there.
After a half hour, all but one police car left, and that lone officer was STILL looking around for "something" (which he didn't seem to find). Then...all was "quiet" again, until 20 minutes later, when you could hear loud laughter from the house (and more homeys showed up there as well). Real funny, gang.
And NOWHERE in ANY media source (here) did this story appear. That makes me think there wasn't REALLY a shooting, and if there wasn't that was one helluva waste of public service resources, wasn't it? To me, none of this really adds the hell up. Perhaps the shooting took place in the hovel...that would explain the lack of sound of the shot(s). No one could have been hurt, as no "urgency" was displayed by anyone on scene. And no yellow tape was placed anywhere at any point.
Sounds like someone was chasing some wild geese, or was made to chase them (while something else happened somewhere else). Many times, I've seen cases where people deliberately "divert" police to one area while in another area, something is "going down". And it's a damn good ploy, simply because the police are PAID TO RESPOND to ANY call (even a 911 hangup...don't believe me? Try it sometime). That's what you get for your hard-earned tax money.
If I were some high level criminal bringing drugs into town, that's sure as hell what I would do. Get the police to be somewhere else, so I can slip in with the "goods".
I would be remiss not to mention that ANY call on the FWPD "blotter" is only the call as it was dispatched, and not (always) how it was "resolved".
That should be made perfectly clear.
**And lastly, some things to ponder and perhaps bring a smile to your face.
-You have more OUTDOOR lighting than INDOOR lighting.
-You're one of a VERY few on your block that ACTUALLY OWNS a house AND a car.
-Every other car has a "HOT-107" sticker on it.
-Every other car has a trash bag for a rear or side window.
-Every other car has at least ONE bulb burned out somewhere.
-Every other car does NOT have a muffler.
-The rest of the cars WITH mufflers have holes in them anyway.
-Your neighborhood has fast become the "Sam's Club" of illegal drugs.
-Liquor stores in your area ONLY have bargains on the 1st week of each month.
-Shouting and honking car horns replace knocking on doors.
-The police refer to your area as "The Badlands".
-There are more barred doors & windows than at the county jail.
-Your car's hood ornament becomes more of a "targeting device".
-Almost everyone living around you is on probation or house arrest.
-Almost everyone ELSE living around you has an active warrant (or two).
-Politicians promise things WILL change...and they DO...for the WORSE.
...And on that note (around D #), we'll catch 'ya later.


Murphy said...

Damn. Er, happy hunting?

Bobby G. said...

...Not so much "hunting",just a constant revival & reminder of certain "training"...
(I like the way you/we think, though)

But here I was led to think that ALL enemies were to be eradicated...kinda like those damn ants at the family picnic, or those pesky wasps at the shore.

Seems our city is more content to "discuss & forgive", rather than come down on these perps like the hammer of God on the anvil of justice.

Silly me..what was I thinking?

Carry On.