03 September 2008

Humpday Happenings...
Seems we were just here, doesn't it?
No worries though...on to the commentary.
--My wife tells me that she heard on the radio that the FWPD are looking for a few good scooters....and not in the manner you think.
The police are conducting "checkpoints" determining if the scooters on the streets are LEGAL. So that means if the engine on your "pocket rocket" is OVER 50cc, then you'd BEST have a license for it. AND, you better have all the other paperwork needed, should you be stopped.
Sure these nifty little scooters are very fuel efficient, and will get you from A to B with dispatch, but I fell that ANY motorized vehicle capable of negotiating traffic with the "big dogs" needs to be licensed and insured, no matter what size engine it has.
I was on a ride-along a few years back with the FWPD, and we answered a call to a house that had someone tooling about the streets on the east side in a go-kart! We're talking residential streets mind you, and not some country road. If this guy were to pass me in my Firebird, I'd never see him...period.
That's too damn low to the ground.
As to all these scooters, I can say that I've seen my share of bad "scootering".
Darting in and out of traffic is a major problem.
Many times you have kids on these flying up or down the streets. Few have helmets adorning their precious little craniums. And the last time I checked, the laws of physics were working just fine, thank you. That means if a scooter "encounters" a larger vehicle (a distinct possibility, given the amount of traffic), the scooter will very likely come out on the short end of the stick, as will it's driver.
BTW, the BLUE scooter is 50cc - and WOULD need to have a license on it. The YELLOW one is 45cc, and would NOT have to be licensed. Not too much of a difference, is there?
License them all, hold them to the same level of accountability we hold EVERY other driver of every other motor vehicle to, be it four wheeled or two.

--Noted country singer/actor Jerry Reed passed away Monday.
The Bandit's partner in those Burt Reynolds movies has driven his last mile.
I grew up hearing so many of his songs on the radio both on the country station as well as mainstream pop stations.
I'm going to miss him, as I'm sure many of us will.
Here's the WIKI link for his bio:


--I surfed into the GOP Convention last night, and saw none other than Joe Lieberman on there.
My initial reaction was WTF?
Why is HE there?
I became intrigued enough to stay a bit.
I have to admit it WAS refreshing to see a former Democrat endorse McCain, and call for unity across the NATION.
And I did like the slogan: COUNTRY FIRST.
Speaks volumes to me.
I always thought Joe was like Dirty Harry, and got the crap end of things, and I would have liked to see him go a little farther in his bid for the presidency, but maybe this nation isn't ready for a Jewish president.
I remember the angst over the first ROMAN CATHOLIC president (that would be Kennedy).
I also found out what David Caruso will look like in say....30 years...LOL!
CSI: Miami Retirement, anyone?

--Lastly, I heard on the radio today (WBNI - the FIRST, REAL, HONEST TO GOODNESS oldies station in Fort Wayne) a passing comment on a show viewed by the person on air.
He mentioned BBC America's TOP GEAR.
Well, that got MY attention, as this show has fast become one of my "must see" shows every week.
In case you missed my post the other month when I mentioned the FiOS install with the additional channels for our TV, I talked about Gordon Ramsay and Top Gear.
Top Gear is for the real enthusiasts in the motoring crowd. Sure it has lots of test drives in cars many of us can only DREAM about, but aside from that, the three hosts provide a lot of fun during the show's hour.
For example, which is faster...a man OR a car?
How about who can get from London to Oslo faster, a man in a car or 2 men taking the plane and ferry? And who can turn down a race/demolition derby between RVs?
Did you ever wonder how fast a delivery van can make it around a famed racetrack in Germany?
Or what kind of car can you get in England for £1500, and will it actually pass some endurance tests (like can it actually run 60 miles after doing a speed lap)?
After being a fan of MOTORWEEK for ages, I can truthfully say that TOP GEAR is much better. I mean I have never once laughed my ass off during Motorweek.
Top Gear is wonderfully entertaining, as well as educational, and just a tad irreverent. But the hosts bring a plethora of knowledge and credentials to the table. And we get to sit back and watch. They even have a forever-helmeted "tamed race driver" called The Stig!
Can't ask for better programming than THAT, can you?
Which begs the question: "What happened to all those DIY mechanic shows?" I miss having people advise me on what my car is doing, and how I can remedy the problem. I don't need a "unique whip" in my frigging garage, nor do I EVER wish to "pimp" MY ride (that's for those with obvious sexual performance issues).
I want those shows that demonstrate things that can go wrong in a car, and how to address them, or better yet...how to PREVENT them from occurring in the first place. let's face it, car's "ain't what they USED to be"...not with all the electronic crap on board. It's like a damn USAF fighter with all that crap inside it.
You have temperature sensors, mass air flow sensors, throttle position sensor, vehicle speed sensors, oxygen sensors, exhaust sensors, EGR valve sensors, spark advance sensors, vacuum advance sensors...cripes, ETHAN HUNT couldn't get past all THESE sensors! (*that's a "mission impossible" reference, btw), and neither can I.
We simply can't motor along without them (unless your car predates the mid 70s...lucky you).
Ah well...sometimes you DO just have to "Bow to the absurd".
And remember, when it comes to my neighborhood and my neighbors...
ABSURD is all "part of the show".

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