17 September 2008

Humpday Happenings...
This is one of those times where I find myself in a rather celebratory demeanor.
And when you look around you these days, there doesn't seem all that much to be even HAPPY about, let alone wanting to indulge in some "mini-gala", but there we are.
My reason for elation was found in the OBITS today.
Now usually, I'm not overjoyed when I read the obits....both my parents, as well as a very dear friend had "their time" in the Philly papers over the past years, and the ONLY time I might read the obits is to reassure myself that I'M NOT in there today.
It seems that a certain MARIO THOMAS has died at the "ripe old age" of TWENTY SEVEN.
(Gee, that's the average lifespan of a "typical" urban black male these days...what a coincidence)
Breaks my frigging heart.
Although I feel bad for the 3 children (D'Mario, D'Marcus, and Je'Netra) he sired, I'm actually GLAD he's dead.
Now before you all go: "Now Bob...how CAN you be so callous?", you have to understand that I (sort of) knew this guy. To be more specific, I knew OF him. He used to live in the next block up from us. And he had connections to Chicago (no doubt gang affiliations from his birthplace). The FWPD can tell you this boy had a rap sheet about as long as your arm. In fact, both he AND his brother were well entrenched in the Fort Wayne drug scene. And he's been a problem in this city for YEARS. Well, not anymore.
His was the typical drug house; people coming by with stereos booming to all hours, blocking the street with cars, having lookouts out front with cellphones...you get the idea.
And I was on his activities like white on rice. I started sending information about vehicles and people to the police monthly. At one point, this house was having WELL over 100 people "stopping by" per month, with certain days being more "busy" than others.
Suffice it to say, it took close to three years, but finally, they up and moved (after he DID do a guest appearance in the Allen County lockup). I didn't know where to, and didn't a flying f$ck, just as long as they were AWAY from here.
There was one old man that lived there (Dad?) that regularly walked the streets, tossing his spent pint liquor bottles on my lawn, and after a few well-placed "admonitions" from me from a window, he ceased doing it (under penalty of harm from "moi"). I still have those bottles...kept them as "souvenirs" or "battle ribbons" if you will.
But it was when I noticed his face on the Indiana's Most Wanted sight, that really peaked my interest. Here was this perp wanted for something, and he was AT LARGE (and living a block away from me), and NO ONE in law-enforcement knew about this? And the rest of the neighbors seemed OK with Mario's shenanigans...what apathy!
After several tips to the ACSD, he was finally cuffed and stuffed. I even recall one time where plainclothes and a K-9 unit came to the house (state or feds..can't be sure, but they didn't have "local" plates) and must have been looking for him. They apparently didn't find him there, as they left empty-handed.
But Mario had his day, anyway.
All dogs do.
So ends the story of one Fort Wayne drug dealer...not a happy ending, is it? At least, not for him.
But the good news is that HE won't be dealing poison to anyone any longer, and in that, I can take solace.
One down...TOO MANY MORE to go.
In a somewhat "related" issue, our district councilman, Glynn Hines doesn't want to keep a lid on ANY type of racial bias. whether real (not) or perceived (incorrectly). He's at odds with (King) mayor Henry over hiring of black minorities for department head positions.
Well, boo frigging hoo, Glynn.
Welcome to REALITY 101...!
Lemme "splain" some things to you, my good man...
-First off, you can't hire anyone of a specific race (for a specific position) when there are NO QUALIFIED CANDIDATES for those positions. How many times do you need to be TOLD that before you begin to comprehend it?
-Second, the black communities "old guard" that consisted of people of SUBSTANCE is aging (as are we all). Those that actually gave a damn about their community and the people that make it up are GOING AWAY, as in "taking that long dirt nap", or "pushing up daisies", and those that are available to replace them simply "ain't up to snuff".
-Third, there are many in the black community that just don't care, so why should YOU, Glynn? I mean, in some respects, you're like ME...swimming against the current, trying your damnedest to get UPSTREAM against a flow (status quo) that is overwhelming.
-Last, "black for black sake" rhetoric is JUST like "change for change sake", and that would fly about as well as a brick $hithouse.
If anyone from the black community is going to be a department head, they have to find a way to "out white the white man" in order to break up any "good old boy" network. I'm sorry, but that's the only way I see it. Your candidates (for ANY high level position) have to be MORE educated, MORE adept, MORE insightful, and MORE understanding of the workings of such a position.
So lose this "affirmative action" bull$hit, Glynn...quit yer bitchin', because it hasn't made a damn bit of (good) difference since it's inception. Let your people, or ANY people for that matter succeed (or fail) on their OWN abilities and merits...period.
No more "free rides" on the Merry-Go-Round, Bub.
Finally, as an adjunct to yesterday's post about EX POLICE CARS being "used" by certain dubious people, comes a story about a nice 18 year-old Fort Wayne girl, one Latasha M. Becerra, who is accused of having stolen police property in her car. Imagine that.
She is charged with SIX (count 'em...6) felony counts of receiving stolen property.
During a July traffic stop, a New Haven police officer found a stolen GPS unit, a laptop computer, a digital camera, an ALLEN COUNTY POLICE BADGE, and a MARION COUNTY POLICE BADGE in her vehicle (someone visited Indy recently).
Ms Becerra told police that two men placed the items in her car.
As of Tuesday night, Becerra had NOT been arrested.
(wonder what's taking them so long?)
My take is that she rolls on the two guys that dumped the stolen items, and the 5-0 nails THEM instead. And with these "ex police cars" being driven around by people who deserve to be surveilled, it lends credence to my assertion that drug dealers would want to fake being a cop to chase rival dealers from an area.
There is a LOT more here than meets the eye, and it's not about "collecting" police memorabilia and paraphernalia.
Ms Becerra is certainly in some hot water, unless she gives up the other two men.

Funny, my wife said she was such a good student.

..And the road to hell IS paved with good intentions, as well.

Oh, Friday...where for art thou?

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