01 September 2008

Labor day...For Better Or Worse...
Here in Indiana, it's nice and warm today, no clouds to speak of and a gorgeous day to grill something outside.
can't say as much about those along the Gulf Of Mexico though...can we?
Hurricane Gustav is hammering them today (3 years to the day hurricane Katrina struck the same area), and my prayers go out to those trying to avoid the storm, or even those wanting to "ride it out".
I will say that THIS time, FEMA isn't taking any chances.
Can't really blame them, can we?
And the mayor of New Orleans has even cleaned up HIS "act", urging people to get out of town.
Ray Nagin - once bitten, twice shy.
But it STILL IS labor Day...
And here's the skinny on today's "holiday" (via WIKI):


That should get everyone up to speed on what the MEANING of today is...
As for me?
I spent the early morning watching the news and Gustav's "track" as it makes landfall.
Then, it was off to Menards for sale stuff.
The wife got some HUGE honking scented candles in a glass jar for ONLY $1.90 each. And she got the birds some suet cakes.
I got...a bag of gravel...2 bags of mulch...and 1 bag of potting soil (yippee).
Oh, and I DID get a nice B&D electric "Hedge Hog" trimmer...was ONLY $20! Now those shrubs had better be-frigging -ware...I'm armed and dangerous now..ready to trim hedges and take names!
And we got that ALL done by 1000 hrs.
We did see three FWPD cars at the ATM along Tillman Road near Hanna. Apparently someone was mucking about with the machine, and they must have been guarding it. Only saw ONE other car nearby...an 80's model 4 dr blue Olds 98 (POS of course), and that "may" have been the perpmobile...don't know, but it was parked oddly. Didn't see anyone in custody, though.
So, it's just after 1200 hours, I've spread the mulch, spread the gravel, and am dying to use the trimmer, but it IS Labor Day...and I think after my brunch, I just might need a nap.
One other good thing...I got the missus of the hook regarding my birthday cake (that she neglected to get on the 22nd). We saw some patriotic cakes at Scotts...damn nice...and ONLY $1.79!!!

Now THAT'S a bargain, I don't care who you are.
I don't mind a red, white and blue "birthday" cake, even if it IS for Labor Day. Doesn't say 'happy labor day" on it anyways.
So it's for "Bob" instead.
Wonder how that will taste with a Sam Adams White Ale to chase it down?
Well..it IS labor day anyway.
And I've done MY labor for Queen (that's the missus) and country (this property).
Now it's time for...some "me" time.
Have a Safe Holiday, everyone.
Catch you on the flip side.

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