11 September 2008

Seven Years After...

...'Nuff said.

((**editor's note: Bear with me, as our MAIN computer decided to pack up and go on vacation {and it's only 6 months old}. I will be attempting to post, but w/ a connection speed of less than 40K on dialup on AOHELL, don't expect much (I'm sure as hell not). Gonna play hell with my auctions as well...typical. Looks like "Murphy" decided to visit...(never a good thing).
Rest assured that SOMEONE at Stone Computer will be getting an earful (or two)...REAL soon over this totally FUBAR situation!
Thanks for hanging in there, people!))

Bobby G.


Murphy said...

Nice pic.

Talkin' trash about me, huh...

'AOHELL', ha!

Bobby G. said...

NEVER about YOU, Sarge...

Carry On,