12 September 2008

Weekend Roundup
Some Days Aren't "Better"...
They're just LESS WORSE than the rest.
Take yesterday for example (please).
Yes, Virginia, Bob's got more computer woes. I swear this house must be built over some global ley-line or ancient Indian burial ground, because we can't keep ANY system running 100% for more than FIVE damn years!
Add to that the fact that I KNOW that no mechanic seems to be able to mend my car's A/C problem (on a permanent basis).
Somehow the phrase "lack of expertise" comes to mind.
Funny, never had such problems in Columbus or Philly.

Like I said...Indian burial grounds.
Let's go on record by saying that for some unexplained reason, our *new* (6 month old) computer has some corrupted O/S software. ALL of a sudden, too.
Imagine that.
Seems no matter WHERE you go, you can't get away from CORRUPTION (on any level). In any event, despite this system's willingness to go AWOL, we SHOULD have it back shortly. In the meantime, I've been REALLY wanting to just blow a grand and get another system, keep it in the box, place it in a glass case on the wall, and stencil on the glass: "FOR EMERGENCY USE ONLY"...LOL!
Yeah, some people eat when they're depressed, others take to the bottle. As for me? I love to give the "middle finger salute" to whatever is causing my angst by spending some MONEY to get somthing fivolous and get my mind off of things.
Luckily, I have an incredible amount of personal restraint (the same restraint that's kept me from wasting almost every other person within a 3 block radius). Amazing is the strength of the human mind.
So if it sounds like I'm back to detesting technology, pat yourself on the back.
You are correct.
But I digress...
I saw on the news where a student at a Garrett school took a LOADED NINE MILLIMETER HANDGUN to class for "Show and Tell" (on Wednesday).
Uh, forgive my ignorance, but isn't that going a tad TOO FAR? This isn't the days when you COULD take your Lone Ranger double holster six-shooter capguns to class.This is a whole other animal.
When police went to the boy's house (yesterday), they found not ONE, but TWO 9mm handguns After seeing those pistols, I noticed that they were a S&W M&P compact (just came out this year) with the other being a WALTHER P99 compact (also a relatively new model).
Combined, these pistols cost around $1000-$1300 (depending on the dealer you go to). That's why *I* don't have either one of THOSE (unfortunately)...I'm way too damn busy getting new computers or fixing the ones we already have...lol!
I mean these babies ain't CHEAP!
I know...I've been pricing them looking for a drop in the cost...ain't happening yet. And both are meant for concealed-carry. Damn fine pistols, I must say.
So my question at this point is: WHERE did this kid get ALL that damn money to GET these, and why isn't he blowing the wad on an X-BOX or PS3 w/ "Guitar Hero II", or "Madden 09" Instead? WTF are his parents thinking?
And where can I get an "allowance" like HIS?
Not to mention that the kid probably would have gotten in a lot less trouble if he had brought a BB or pellet pistol instead of the "real deal". Now, he's looking at some "interesting" punishment.
It's kids like this that will ruin gun ownership for many, not to mention force bans on "look-alike" weapons such as BB guns, airsoft, and paintball pistols. I have to ask that kid: "Was it really worth it, Sport?" And I sure hope I don't hear "Well, I didn't think I'd get in trouble".
Hell no, Slick..every kid packs a piece today, where the hell YOU been?
OF COURSE you WILL get in TROUBLE simply because you've placed OTHER PEOPLE AT RISK, you stupid dimbulb! And all those other kids you've placed at risk have parents who may not take this as lightly as you want to. They might want to see their kids come HOME from school, and not visit them on a slab at the morgue, when someone was playing with YOUR gun and it "accidently goes off". $hit will happen, if "Murphy" has anything to say about it...he wrote the law, after all.
And yes...it's STILL called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. I can see where the school systems across this land will soon have to make classes in this aspect of human behavior MANDATORY. We can add that to the ETHICS class...and the MUTUAL RESPECT class.
Trouble is that today...many of these kids "HAVE no class".
(Thanks, Rodney..it's STILL a good line)
DO have a SAFE weekend.


Dark-Star said...

Bobby, this article really hit home with me for a special reason. A very similar thing happened at my (public) high school. Some wooly-headed idiot brought a handgun to class, and it went off in his pocket, shooting Mr.Moron in the leg. They locked down the school and nabbed him soon after.

I just keep thinking how close it probably was that the accidental discharge hurt someone else. Prolly closer than I'd ever care to know.

Bobby G. said...

That is EXACTLY the kind of thing I was driving at...!

There ARE some numbnuts out there that have a tendency to "check their brains at the front door" as it were, leaving innocent people at risk for no good reason.

Glad to see Mr. Moron got what HE deserved...maybe it will wise his ass the hell up.

Youi stay ssafe in the meantime.

Thanks for the comment.