27 October 2008

Monday Musings...
I have to admit that having not one, not two, but THREE functioning computers (including the netbook)...no, FOUR, make that FOUR computers (Gawd, sounds like a Monty Python sketch) about the house a bit easier to conduct "business"...that means shopping, the infrequent online game, and information gathering (intel) for ME, and chat room and frequent gaming, along with schoolwork for the MISSUS.
Now we did go from one 10 year old PC clone with dialup @26K (you're kidding, right?) to FiOS broadband high-speed internet, and that is about as different an experience as shooting a pellet pistol and THEN shooting a .44 magnum (just nowhere near as LOUD).
And I still recall days when the computers I worked on took up a damn room, and had about as much memory and processing ability as my frigging cordless phone does these days. Yes indeed, we've got a really OK setup now...nothing to rival Deep Blue, or the Pentagon, but it does what it is SUPPOSED to do...namely work in the presence of BOB...LOL!

Still, it IS a work in progress, and so far, we have come farther than I could have expected. We even have "networking" now, and as soon as I figure it all out, I'm sure I'll like that too.
Does that mean I've become a "technocrat"?
Not on your life.
I liken all this tech to just something to UTILIZE...to operate, and NOT something that will wind up OPERATING ME. There is the difference.
It's like any gear you sling onto your belt or back. It's there for a purpose, and usually for ONE purpose only. Can you live without it? Well, in many cases, yes. Could I do without a computer these days?
That depends on a lot of things.
I always like to be INFORMED (and reading this blog will tell you as much, as well as aid YOU on your quest).
I cannot rely on "just" the media these days, as too much is slanted one way or the other. And anyone that has held any job involving going into harms way, from a firefighter or LEO up to a commanding officer in ANY armed service, will tell you that you can NEVER have too much information (unless it's BS, and then you make a "plan B" anyway for such a scenario).
Information is KNOWLEDGE...and, as we all know: SCIENTIA EST POTENTIA! (For those that never took Latin, that means: Knowledge is Power)
Now that's all well and good, until you have to decide WHAT TO DO with that "power" (knowledge).
Then we get to a little something that most young'uns have a bit of trouble with...
I like to call it WISDOM.
Knowledge without any way to properly apply it, based on experiences, will get someone hurt, either physically, or emotionally, trust me on this one. It doesn't take a person with a Doctorate from MIT to figure that one out.
Now when it comes to wisdom, one word comes to my mind while at the computer...shopping.
(and you though that was a "girl's" thing...pshaw!)
I admit to really liking the ability to "shop from home", and you probably know why that is.
It reminds me of requisitioning...something...anything. You get on the horn, fill out a 1/2 ton of paperwork, and then you get back a form to ALSO fill out that will get you the person you need to jaw with so THEY can hand you more forms to fill out and maybe, within a month, you have what you needed 2 months ago...maybe.
Oh wait...that's the way the GOVERNMENT does it...
Maybe the armed services should get with eBay so's we can get the troops stuff they need...and at a better price?
It does have the novelty of never having been tried to date.
But yeah, I do like the "shopping at the speed of thought" (or as fast as these arthritic hands can tap the keys) thing, and it sure as hell beats the PARKING LOTS at shopping centers and malls. Not to mention, I ALWAYS know where I parked my car...!
One thing I find contagious is "the thrill of the hunt"...that odd item you found that you need to fix the couch (didn't know they still made springs for that), or some weird computer cord (wow, they DO have a 5 meter long ethernet cable with RJ-45 connectors at both ends...cool) and how cheap can you get it. OK, so you don't have it "in hand" the same day...big frigging deal. I'm providing "job security" for a ton o' people here, gang.
The credit card folks are loving this (no, we're not in hock one damn bit either - it's just more convenient), the USPS, FED EX, and UPS are loving this (and I make new "friends" in the process...they call me by my FIRST name when they deliver $hit...lol), so don't try and tell me I'm NOT helping our economy.
I am, and I'm damned proud to do so.
So, we've got no parking hassles, the stuff comes to ME (and I don't have to hunt for it at every store in the tri-state area), and I don't have to rely on "fast food" at some greasy-spooned Scarf 'N barf for lunch. I make my OWN. And I even have time to fit this in during regular hours. I can take a break from laundry detail or gardening, or even gutter debris removal...try doing THAT while you're out at the mall, hmm?
I would have to grudgingly admit that I'm convinced that we sort of need computers, no matter HOW much trouble they give us.
I mean, we need our CHILDREN too, and look at HOW MUCH TROUBLE they can get into...but we still love 'em.
We just DON'T need computers to tell us what to do...that's what parents, educators, priests, rabbis, and ministers are for (along with the other relatives). We even have friends that will "advise" us kinda like the devil and angel on our shoulders.
We don't have to become servile to the almighty microchip in order to become better people.
All we REALLY have to do is work WITH one another. All we have to do is watch, listen, and learn.
Pretty simple stuff, when you think about it, right?


indy said...

kinda reminds me about something i just did the other day. i pretty much told comcast to go eat the big one. its a long story. but they ticked me off and i cancelled. but i had to wait for about a week to cancell becouse my daughter uses the computer now and then for homework. so never the less i went to at&t and have the cheep dsl for 14.99 and couldnt be happier. so i "found " every month about a extra 50.00 for my pocket book.

Bob G. said...

..ANd I'll bet that $50 comes in REAL handy, too!
(especially 'round the holidays and bill paying time)