24 October 2008

Friday Follies...
Been just a wee bit busy this AM, as we finally got back our OTHER computer, after Missus Bobby G took the new computer (not the new one I'm using now, but the new one we thought we were going to keep, until we found that VISTA didn't like ANY of our old software, and we didn't feel like buying all NEW software, so we got a new WIN XP system instead for a lot less with a new monitor..yeah, THAT system) back to Best Buy, and after paying a restock fee, we got most all the money back for that to pay for THIS system...got that?
(WTF did he just say????)
Yes, there WILL be a quiz later.
Now, I'm hip-deep in all sorts of wires, cable, cords, peripheral items, and CPUs, trying like hell to sort it all out. But since I used to do such things (in another life) with great and reckless abandon, it's still easy (well, sort of).
I will say this much, after getting all these THREE systems online (we're at two currently...and holding as per NASA's request...LOL), I will be able to have TWO of the XPs on the FiOS gig. All I need is either a wireless "air card" (I think that's the term...I'm still groping about with the jargon), or (better yet)...a nice LONG LAN cable (preferably in yellow to match the one I have already), and we're G-T-G with both systems running simultaneously via the router.
Damn room is looking like a friggin' geek's paradise.
All I need is some tape across the bridge of my glasses!
But I will say it's been a week I'd like to get a DO-OVER on.
**In other news...
--Sarah Palin's coming to town (wow, it fits in the song too...everybody sing along) Listen, I don't care who you are, but when it comes to any normal, red-blooded American male, you have to admit that she IS cute. And Todd is ONE "luckysumbitch" (and I mean that in the best possible way).
--Last evening, I watched another one of my "personal" favorite new shows...called ELEVENTH HOUR.
A damn fine show. Kind of like the X-Files/FBI meets the CDC, DNR and the FDA all at once. Last night there was a problem with a genetically altered pesticide..it was paralyzing people, and there was a cover up, even though the pesticide was "all natural" (made from scorpion venom, which for all intents and purposes IS natural), and that brings to light ALL the foods we consume and think are "all natural" (as the adverts claim). Can there be some biological interaction that BY NATURE is harmless, BUT when ingested by humans after being mixed with other chemicals can cause harm or fatality? Something to ponder
Interesting premise.
I'll stick to my "artificial" crap...at least I know what's not in there to know about, that I should know about, but don't care about.
(WTF did he say???)
Yeah, I won't try to THAT one out either.
It's also raining today...great.
Right after the recent frost advisories all but snuffed the life out of most of my plants (and kicked the tomatoes in the cajones real well), we get a moderate day with RAIN. Well, that will certainly make the garden grow (so it can CROAK all over again when the NEXT frost hits). 'Ya know...Mother Nature is not without a perverted sense of humor.
Maybe SHE could run for PRESIDENT?
Now tomorrow, I "plan" to get the leaf blower back out and get all the crap to the curb (for the pickup whenever it decides to occur in the next 2 weeks) with Missus Bobby G riding shotgun on the rake. Well, that's the PLAN, but I do have a PLAN B (as should we all).

If the weather is inclement (again), I'll probably just kick back, go downstairs and off some little green army men at my "shooting gallery" (Don't worry, it's only 6mm airsoft, 3mm copper BBs and .43 cal. paintballs). Off-duty police are invited to come "test their skills" on 54MM plastic soldiers, pop-up bullseyes of varying sizes, and last years Fort Wayne telephone directory with air pistol targets tacked on them (you have to be there to understand). There is a small fee to cover ammo costs, refreshments and snacks, but BYOS would work too (Bring Your Own Shi...I mean STUFF)
But after I get all this multicomputer C-N-C clusterf$cked and butchwaxed hookup done, I still have to make up a shopping (resupply) list for tomorrow, which means checking the pantry and the fridge for "items of interest" that will need replenishing.
So forget about a nap today...got it!
Ain't gonna happen, Bub!
Yeah, although it's a nonstop ride around here MOST days, what happens INSIDE these walls is well worth it...EVERY damn day.
It's what OUTSIDE (the perimeter) that's bothersome...ALL the time.
Isn't it always?
In the meantime, DO have yourselves a Safe weekend.
And we'll catch you on the flip side.


Anonymous said...

and what a fine job was done in the computer room. It looks like something right out of NASA, but with pictures of squirrel packing heat around.

The MIssus

Bob G. said...


Thanks, I needed that
(I think).


Murphy said...

Bleh. I have enough 'fun' with one 'puter, three would make me seriously consider calling in air on my own pos.

'Wires, cables, and cords', oh my!

indy said...

well i got 2 computers. one with the window xp on it and the other laptop. the laptop is the only one working. i guess i am too lazy to do something with the other. now the shooting gallery in the basement. omg if i lived in the fort. i would be begging to come right over. oh and old sarah palin.......gezz stick to your wife i know she looks 100percent better. plus she is smarter and nicer.

Bob G. said...

There has been MANY a day when I SERIOUSLY thought about how "nice" it would be to get the zoomies on the horn and assign them MY grid refs...JUST to get the damn 'puters out of the way.

But after a few bourbons (and enough cussin' to make a squid on liberty blush), I always calm the hell down.

But these days, I treat the 'puters like ordinance...can never have too much or too many (besides,after I get done with them, they WILL fit into the muzzle of an M-109 REAL easy)...LOL!

You DO know the shooting gallery in my basement is for NON-lethal weaponry, right?
(unless you're REALLY, really good at getting them 3mm BBs into someone's eye...right, RALPHIE?)

We always use eye protection...in MY basement, you really need it.
(lotsa stuff to richochet off of...keeps 'ya hoppin, even at MY age).

Thanks for the comments, gang!


indy said...

yes.......lol thanks for the laugh good one. and yes i knew;) lol though it would be a first to fire something non lethal. for real.