23 October 2008

Some Views From the Edge...
**First off, I have to commend the AUBURN POLICE for their recent Meth busts up there. The department has managed to corral about TWENTY THREE people in connection with purchases of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine (one of the key ingredients to cooking meth). People can buy up to 3 grams of this drug a week (in case you get a bit of a sniffle), but if you buy more, they will know about it, and violators can be charged with a misdemeanor.
The chief of police (there) stated that Meth is outpacing marijuana as the "drug of choice", and although most of the men and women arrested DID have Auburn addresses, there is an ongoing investigation as to those that live "outside" the immediate area.
Auburn police conducted the roundup with assistance from NINE other police agencies, with this particular 3 month investigation ending in the filing of FIFTY-SIX arrest warrants.
Now I'd have to say that's some damn FINE police work there.
And we all know that nothing succeeds like success.
**And speaking of "big busts"...
FWPD arrested FIFTY people on misdemeanor charges of minor consumption at a college "party" early Sunday when they were called out on a 44LP (loud party). The house, located at 1114 Monroe St had a large group of people running into it when police came on scene. When officers knocked on the FRONT door, people began streaming out the BACK door and windows. (anyone ever hear about something called SECURING THE PERIMETER?)
Police found students there from IUPU (Ft. Wayne) and appeared to be UNDER 21 (uh, oh). The homeowner told officers that everyone in the home (all fifty?) were of legal age to consume alcohol. Indiana Excise Police responded, and "Mr. Know-It-All Homeowner" was cited for "inducing minors to possess or consume alcohol". Fifty people were arrested on charges of minor consumption and one was arrested on an unrelated warrant. (amazing how those warrants follow you around, ain't it?)
**Second, as to the whole Matt Kelty thing...let's just say that I'm a bit "bothered" by this whole COMMUNITY SERVICE gig he has to undergo. And I don't mean to say that he doesn't DESERVE it.
He's paying whatever price the court has appointed to him, but coaching little league football and serving on community boards is NOT what I envision when I think "community service".
I tend to think of such things like:
TRASH PICKUP (along highways)
ANYTHING involving SOME SORT of manual labor.
I mean it's punishment for God's sake. It's not meant to be all that tolerable nor inviting.
How's about painting some elderly lady's home?
Or what about slinging some soup at a local shelter?
THESE are things I equate with serving the community.
Then again, if Matt hadn't had Mr. Bob ("I lost the court records as prosecutor, so we have to DISMISS all those cases and turn these offenders back onto the streets") Gevers as his defense attorney, perhaps this could have all been dealt with in a much better way. Not to mention that the BEST person to get someone off the hook as a defense lawyer would be a former prosecutor that was a bit of a flop in THAT job. He does know all the ways to slip out of the noose, does he not?
**Next, as to our computer woes, they seem all but eradicated (hopefully with fingers crossed). We have a nice fully-functioning WinXP "E Machine" with a cool 17" LCD monitor and lots of really good antiviral software and firewall greeblies running "point" and "covering my six" as I run recon over the Internet.
Mrs. Bobby G is taking that Gateway (Vista) back to Best Buys today (getting that charge back in the process), and picking up the Stone system from (who else?) Stone, where it will become our primary fallback unit in our "C-N-C", fast becoming known as the "Repo Depot"...LOL!
The netbook will be used w/ the wireless router from FiOS so we can both log on simultaneously (safety in numbers?), and will also serve (proudly) as our second fallback unit, should the first two succumb to "incoming fire".
**Also,Today is our trash pickup day, and for the LAST TWO weeks, Serv-All (our service) has come down our alley and emptied every single trash bin...BUT OURS. Funny thing, the bin has been placed where it's SUPPOSED to be since we got the damn thing, and I even stenciled our ADDRESS on the lid in bright BLUE letters (it's a military thing...labelling or painting anything and everything that DOES NOT move within 30 seconds...lol), for the SOLE purpose of making the trash men's job that much easier.
And you'd THINK it would...make the job easier, but I suppose not. Maybe someone's got a "thing" with OUR house. Maybe we're making it TOO EASY for them, and they're POed?
Who the hell knows?
All I DO know is that I'm following protocol and doing what the hell I'm supposed to do as was stated in the guidelines that came with the damn trash bin. Now if Serv-All can't get it together, it's not MY fault, kapeesh?
**Lastly, I'm usually not one for conspiracy theories, especially when there is no cause to believe one exists, but there HAVE been times when you have to admit that "something smells rotten in Denmark", and that the prevailing winds have told you as much.
Yet, I don't think Oswald acted alone, and I think Area 51 (both the Nevada site, as well as the *new* one in Utah) might have alien technologies, but when the aliens come back looking or their shit, they WON'T be looking for me, and that makes that a moot point.
But when I say that someone, or a combination of "someones" want us OUT of this house on this street, I do have enough facts to back me the hell up. Since the neighborhood started it's slide downhill over a decade ago, I've been reporting to city agencies what has been going on...it's what I do.
Blame that on former training.
Good intel means good solutions.
It's that simple.
And since nothing has gotten done to reverse the problems facing those of us left here to "live" our lives, I can only conclude that the concern I demonstrate to the city is not reflected in their actions.
But I've got a few "tricks" up MY sleeve, too. Like THESE:
Not too shabby, huh?
Make no mistake about it. We're serious, no kidding!
Now, if the city wants to buy us out (at the ASSESSED value), I'd gladly move out of town, but until that happens, I will continue my fight to get this area turned the hell back around so that things are once again livable for everyone. Oh, and I won't be holding my breath during ANY of that time waiting on the city, just in case they were hoping I would turn blue and croak in the process.
Never gonna happen, people.
It's axe-grinding time (well, that and leaf-blowing time too).


Phil Marx said...

If the trash problem occurred once or even just ocassionally, I'd probably just forget it. But it sounds like a repeaty problem for you.

I'd suggest that the next time you hear them rolling down the alley you should just roll the bin right out in front of them then watch their reaction. - Please do stand back though!

Bob G. said...

Didn't have a problem today, Buddy...had a *new* crew on the wagon...wonder why?

But they DID come LATE...like around 1530 Hra (when they usually come long before NOON...go figure.

BTW, how's that "personal time off" working out for 'ya?

Hope all is going well.
Stop on by if you're in the area...
We could set up the "shooting gallery" in my basement...!
(if you've got some anger to "manage")

Stay Safe.


Phil Marx said...

I have a family member who underwent two major surgeries and possibly suffered a stroke, all during the past two months. His recovery will take a lot more effort than any of us had originally anticipated.

I have other things that are occupying my time as well, so writing my own blog got seriously bumped on the priority list. But I can always find time to drop a quick line on your blog.

You need to drive by my house sometime soon and take a look at that huge tree in the back yard. I plan to take it down soon. And no, I'm not qualified to do it, but that never stopped me before!