03 November 2008

The "Fix" Is In?
Tomorrow's election surely must go down in the annals of history as being one of the most "curious" on record (at least in MY lifetime). Suffice it to say that although many believe it's still a close race (I being among that number), and that John McCain has a very good chance at pulling a come-from-behind victory (anyone remember the Truman-Dewey election?), I can't help but think that (as Sherlock Holmes would say)...that "something is afoot".
We've heard the rambling of one Rev. Jeremiah Wright defaming this nation, we've seen ACORN doing it's best to undermine the political election process with underhanded tactics, and we've seen enough smear tactics to last one a few years from both camps.
We've seen the MSM (main-stream-media) all but ignore McCain, while praising Obama as nothing less than the quasi "second coming". Everyone seems to love someone that is an enigma wrapped in a mystery these days.
As the old mobsters used to say: "Yo, Vinnie...tell da boss da FIX is in....it's in da bag, kapeesh?"
But...facts are facts...and the issues are still the issues (whenever someone decides to speak about them, that is). Nearly EVERY major network has given themselves over part & parcel to the democrats, lauding over 2/3 of their on-air stories IN FAVOR of Obama, while grudgingly giving about a third to McCain.
Whatever happened to being FAIR?
Yeah, they say that ALL is fair in LOVE AND WAR...never mentioned ANYTHING about POLITICS, did they?
So the media wants Obama....and the minorities want Obama...and of course, the liberals want Obama.
There are (too) many websites that are racially, as well as politically antagonistic in that regard. Some sites even go so far as to say that "America's streets will run red with blood" if Obama looses. And this comes from BOTH white AND black sites.
Now how's THAT for divisive racism, folks?
Almost sounds like some "third-world" rhetoric at work there.
All we need is to stir some "infidels" into this recipe, to make it all taste better, right?
"Why yes, I would like a side order of INTIMIDATION to go with my entree of ANARCHY, thank you very much. Could I also have the SOCIALIST SORBET for dessert...and I think I need this order to GO, is that OK?"
I'm not going to mention these sites by name, because drawing more attention to them is like throwing fuel on embers that actually need to be extinguished. It would give them (even more) power they simply do not deserve.
You can easily Google them up for yourselves.
Now consider this..."If" Obama should win, and that's a pretty good possibility, given the socio-political climate in this nation at this time, there could very well be a mass celebration, probably culminating in some rioting, looting, arson, and general mayhem.
I guess some people just don't know how to WIN graciously.
But, on the other hand, "if" Obama should lose (an equally good possibility), there would be a MUCH GREATER propensity for rioting, looting, arson and even more general mayhem (and don't be surprised if it is targeted against primarily NON-BLACK businesses and people).
Some people don't know how to LOSE graciously, either.
I've stated on other blogs that we have in place a "perfect storm" of parameters to accomplish this, not that this would be a good thing.We have the honest-to-God makings of a *new* Civil War here, and this time, "it ain't gonna be North against South", people. And I sure as hell don't want to see that happen.
Now I will go on record that saying that the ones who most likely will be responsible for such action will NOT represent the black (or any other) race as a whole. It will be mainly the result of the uneducated part of that populace; those that CAN be lead around by their noses at someone else's whim.
With the way things seems to work these days, there are huge portions of our society that just don't WANT to think...don't WANT to understand...don't WANT to make a difference. They only wish to be entertained, amused, and do relatively nothing, while they allow everyone else to do it for them...except when it comes to anarchistic activism. Then they DO get involved.
It will be led by the criminal element, looking for an easy way to move in and take over. These thugs don't even care who gets elected. They want to seize and keep power at any level, for any reason at whatever the cost (especially to YOU). We see in our cities every day the result of those that follow the wrong leaders...higher crime rates and a generational dependency instead of self-sufficiency.
It would be my supposition that the lesser of two evils syndrome is at play here, and by that I don't necessarily mean those two Presidential candidates, although the analogy can fit here nicely.
The "lesser of two evils" would be to have these factions go ahead and riot due to a VICTORY, rather than due to a defeat. Let them get the celebration OUT of their system, as it were. Any collateral damage would be a lot LESS severe, plus the "empowerment" factor (with a black President) alone would sustain that part of the populace for quite some time.
The deck would "seem" to be stacked to elect Obama as the next President if for no other reason, than to appease the minorities into a less violent reprisal against our cities and citizens, regardless if Obama is or is not the best candidate...(I think we could have done better in BOTH political camps, not to mention the Libertarians, who everyone else seems to summarily dismiss because they're not part of "the system").
This is just my belief, and not those of anyone else. I come to this conclusion based on what I've read (both pro and con), what I see and hear from as many media sources as I can find, as well as what I experience in my neighborhood, and my discernment from those sources. Much is derived from just speaking to other bloggers and the sources they manage to find.
And believe it or not...I'm NOT the ONLY one that feels this way, or has mentioned this aspect to this election.
I would like to think that all of this is merely a fictitious scenario...one of those "simulations" people run to determine the outcome of some possibilities..and would also make a decent mini series on SHOWTIME.
Think of it as a "what if" venue.
But this is about as far from a video game as one can possibly get. There ARE no DO-OVERS in LIFE 101, people. NO cheat codes, no hints, and no "walk-throughs".
We could be facing a societal upheaval in that respect.
I hope to Christ I'm 100% wrong!
I would like to think we, as a society are MUCH more civilized that this; that we have evolved beyond such pettiness and transitory power grabs. But from where I happen to be, that idealistic aspect that I (as well as many more Americans) would love to embrace, doesn't seem close enough to pursue, let alone grasp.
Like I said....I "could" be wrong on this, and I do hope that I am....
We'll know by Wednesday.
(Keep your fingers crossed.)


JR - A Green Eyed Gurl.... said...

If you read my post that I put up this morning, I am scared as hell, our nation is divided and its not a good thing. My point I am trying to make is we need to all fall in together after the election and support whoever the winner may be. But that is common sense and good upbringing....and frankly, there is a strong lack of both in this day and age.

Bob G. said...

Was just heading over to there...will read it ASAP.

Agreed on the "lack" today....totally agree.

Thanks for stopping by.


indy said...

i'm scared too. i still remember the riots in chicago when i went to my aunt home in ill. in the 1970's or late 60's. i am praying this doesnt happen.

Bob G. said...

So far...so good.

But don't uncross your fingers just yet.